3 month challenge- MARCH to MAY



  • ladychr0nic
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    Challenge Starting Weight: 217
    Challenge Goal Weight: 200

    March 5: 217
    March 12: 214.6
    March 19: 214.4
    March 26: 212.8

    Total pounds lost in March:

    April 2:
    April 9:
    April 16:
    April 23:
    April 30:

    Total pounds lost in April:
    May 7:
    May 14:
    May 21:
    May 28:

    Total pounds lost in May:
    Total pounds lost in Challenge

    Making progress!
  • LynsP79
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    LynsP79 wrote: »
    2021 starting weight 195lbs.
    Ultimate goal weight 150lbs

    Challenge Starting Weight: 177.2lbs
    Challenge Goal Weight: 160-165lbs

    Weighing Thursdays

    March 1: 177.2lbs
    March 4: 177.4lbs (+0.2lbs but actually a drop of 2lbs since last Thursday so I’m okay with this).
    March 11: 176.8lbs (-0.6lbs my period completely derails me; cravings and zero motivation for exercise)
    March 18: 174.6 (-2.2lbs). Great week, feeling hella motivated.
    March 25: 177.4 (-0.2lbs) this was randomly 177 at the weekend, so I’m grateful for the loss! 6.7cm gone from my waist since January 😁
    March 31:

    Total pounds lost in March: 2.8lbs (v slow this month, but still the right direction! 📉)

    April 1:
    April 8:
    April 15:
    April 22:
    April 29:
    April 30:

    Total pounds lost in April:

    May 6:
    May 13:
    May 20:
    May 27:
    May 31:

    Total pounds lost in May:
    Total pounds lost in Challenge:

    This should say 174.4 for this week! Ooops
  • WeatherJane
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    I'll join you for this challenge. My birthday is the end of May, and I could use an extra push. I'll do my weigh in on the first, and then every Friday.

    Lots of good luck!

    Challenge starting weight: 176.0
    Challenge goal weight: 160

    Mar 1: 176.0
    Mar 5: 176.0
    Mar 13: 175.4
    Mar 26: 175.2

  • joolsmd
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    edited March 2021
    Late to the party but happy to do April and May. My birthday is late May and my daughter is getting married in June so lots to look forward to. :)

    - move at least 30 minutes each day, whether walking or a workout
    - close my hearts on my Galaxy watch
    - log all food and drink
    - stay within calorie budget

    Challenge Starting Weight: 191
    Challenge Goal Weight: 180

    April 3:
    April 10:
    April 17:
    April 24:

    Total pounds lost in April:

    May 1:
    May 8:
    May 15:
    May 22:
    May 29:

    Total pounds lost in May:
    Total pounds lost in Challenge:
    MRSHAMSCC Posts: 7 Member
    March 8: 195.3
    March 15: 193.3
    March 22: 192.3
    March 29: 190.5

    Hi everyone,

    There's my progress so far. I'm happy that the numbers are going down.I had another good week for walking. I ate 1500 to 1650 kcals every day apart from Sunday when I had 2000.

    This week, it will be a bit more challenging to get as much walking done as my children are on holidays from school. I'm going to try to get them to do one big walk with me during the day and go out by myself when my husband is home in the evening (clocks went forward here yesterday so finally bright evenings are coming!)

    This week will also present a challenge on food as my house is stuffed full of chocolate. I also find it more challenging to stick to a plan when my routine changes. I'm going to avoid it and stick to 1500-1600 kcals a day Monday to Saturday then on Sunday I'll have some chocolate.

    Good luck with the week ahead everybody.