Thank you for ignoring me! I lost 11 pounds.

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I lost the first 11 pounds. 165 still to go. It's a start. It was hard.

I felt so happy when I checked in with my new weight. What would my new friends say? Not much! Only three reacted, the rest of the 22 'friends' ignored my weight loss. I felt crushed.

It was so hard for me to get there. I cried a lot. I did not have the time to socialize here on MFP much. I just started to be serious. I researched, read recipes, planned, and learned a lot. I didn't chit-chat. Perhaps ignoring my small success is the punishment I deserve for not playing online games?

Doesn't matter much now. I have three friends! Thank you for being there. At least I am not alone.

I just started to be serious. I need motivation like the fly needs the honey. I am scared to be alone. I don't want to blow it. What do I do with 19 friends who don't have the time to click 'like' or comment when I report my first weight loss?

Delete them? Ignore them too? Put my big girl panties on and do it alone if I have to?

Not let it get to me? I lost 11 pounds (ticker says 10 not sure why). In the end I need to do this for me, friends or no friends. 11 pounds. Still happy.


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    I am a big believer that you have to ask for what you want and expect.

    I never expect people to just randomly comment on any weight loss that I achieve, so it rarely occurs for me to comment when I see someone else's.

    But if I saw someone post something like "I lost eleven pounds, it was rough, and I'd love to hear from people on this milestone," then I would almost certainly say something.

    The point is that you're attributing really negative things to people not posting, but did you ever tell people how you want to interact? Marriage, work relationships, friendships, online interactions . . . you've got to let people know what you'd like because we're all different.

    What supports one person feels smothering to another. You're blaming people for not being able to read your mind.

    Then why be a friend or have friends if you don't participate or don't expect anybody to participate?
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    I am going to post the same thing here that I did on your wall.

    Do you feel better now that you had your 'woe is me' post?

    Yes, I feel better! I got it out of my system. I didn't eat a bag of cookies in silence. I now realize that the number of friends might be important. How could someone with over 100 friends keep in touch with all? Quality over quantity. Just like with eating!

    I now know what kind of support/friend I need to be here. It's a learning process. Feeling much better!

    Sometimes we all need a 'woe is me' day or post LOL

    I get them on occasion too ;)

    You are doing great! Keep it up! Just dont hate those of us who, even as much time as we spend on our newsfeed, don't see everything or respond to automated posts ;) I'd spend all day responding to automated posts if I did LOL
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    Hey! I also commented on your status update but I think Captcha ate it?

    I didn't wake up this morning and think "I'm going to ignore TheHappyLoser's incredible progress specifically, on purpose, to hurt her feelings." Nobody did. We just didn't see it right away.

    I suck at this social media thing, don't I? Too sensible, too sensitive. Too big because of it?

    The last paragraph made me laugh. Thanks.
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    I saw your head line title and it made me sad & happy at the same time.
    Congratulations on the 11 pound lost !
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