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    Karen - Wonderful! :D The more colourful ones remind me of my grandmother who used to wear incredible hats, with big cabbage roses on, with a matching coat. I got my love of colour from her and she used to tell me all the exotic names for the colours. My grandfather used to say, she "stopped the traffic" when she walked into town. I used to try the hats on. They lived in big boxes on the top of the wardrobes.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Made only one of my three March goals which were to be lighter (gained three pounds), stick to my budget (we spent nearly three grand on sewer repairs) and be healthier. I would say I definitely feel better now than I did going into March. April goals will remain the same - be lighter, be healthier, stick to the budget!

    Didn't sleep worth diddly last night, but didn't get a ton of exercise yesterday, either, and that's usually the culprit. My appointment for my first Moderna shot is this morning, and that's going to be a relief. I feel like Neo in The Matrix, bending over backward for more than a year trying to dodge bullets out of nowhere... I know I'm not alone in just being tired of the whole subject.

    I'm also aware that the first shot doesn't provide the protection that getting the second one does... and the sample sizes are small, but there's some evidence that two weeks after, the Moderna first shot can provide 80 percent effectiveness from the virus and 90 percent effectiveness from hospitalization with a severe case of the virus. Having ANY resistance within a few weeks after the shot will be such a load off my mind--my state just lifted all mask mandates. Due to the heart thing and the SIBO thing, I wear two masks when I'm out anyway, and will continue to do so. Not sure for how long, just keeping an eye on the whole thing.

    Time to get Corey's work coffee cup ready, and I think I'll get his truck started to warm up the engine. It's below freezing again this morning, so we're still not setting anything out for the garden. I have pruned all the roses, and they're thriving, putting out new leaves every day, and pruning everything else that doesn't move fast enough while I'm at it. :smiley: Corey's happy with the fruit trees, all of which survived the winter, even after being girdled (the bark chewed through all the way around the trunk) by our friendly neighborhood gopher.

    Later, y'all,
    Happy Thursday, happy April, happy Easter, if you celebrate!
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    exermom wrote: »
    Okie – I was hired due to the federal funds, you are right. However, I’m hoping that my work will makes them want to keep me on. I was marked “meets expectations” for almost everything when I had my review. What didn’t I get? Well, it was stated that I had to be reminded to tuck in my shirt. Really, I see managers and other workers who don’t do this. So I’m hoping that they’re just going to have me do something else perhaps in addition to taking care of the carts. Well...we shall see. On another hand, if they let someone go, wouldn’t they have to pay unemployment? I honestly don’t know how that works, it’s been a LOOOONNNGGG time since I’ve been on unemployment.

    Michele NC

    Unemployment is possible. I don't know what the rules are surrounding the federal grant jobs (if they are any different, they may not be). As long as you meet the requirements, then you would be eligible. You can apply if they let you go and worst case scenario, they deny benefits.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Good morning all! Happy Thursday!
    Karen VA- I was just going to suggest LaVerne Wimberley's outfits/hats to Heather! I just love the whole story behind it! Warmed my heart. <3 I think my favorite of her hats is the White with the Navy trim/embellishments. Looks like something worn at Ascot in My Fair Lady.
    Barbie- Thanks for bringing us into April! Also, it was interesting to see that I am not the only one that prefers a hard wooden dining room chair. lol Not sure why I am most comfortable in them...maybe because, as a child, whenever anyone came to visit, we all sat around the table to talk. We NEVER sat in the living room.
    Michele- I would think if your employers are considering letting you go; it is probably due to the hiring initiative ending. So, don't spend much time stressing over it. IF you enjoy working, look for another job! Maybe in a place you would REALLY like working! How about an "artsy" type location, like your ceramic shop?! Feed your passion! A new adventure!

    Kids arriving! Love and hugs to all! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Regarding chairs ...

    When I sit in a soft chair, it feels like everything scrunches up and I feel like I have difficulty breathing.
    Too hard isn't good either because they make my sitbones sore.

    But something that is firm without a lot of contours is ... just right. :)

    M in Oz
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    Machka- My recliner loving hubby just got an office chair like the one that you pictured that you would like to have. They are quite pricey, but he found his on Marketplace for $30. He also needs the lumbar support.
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    *Not to get too personal, but my DH just admitted that his favorite part of my body is my lower back. AFter three back surgeries and severe RA setting in early; I think he has "lower back envy". lol
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    Karen in Va
    The Dr. has lovely clothes and jewelry! Kudos to her for keeping up with this during the last year! :)

    Happy April Fool's Day to All from Georgia!
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    Went for a walk late in the afternoon ... the river is a bit flooded from all the recent rain! But everything is so green!

    Later ... dinner at a local pub with a pleasant surprise: it was parmy night! We haven't had a parma in ages! But I was thinking about them recently. My husband had a Caesar parma and I had a Mexican one. They were excellent! The pub is known for an old motor race that used to turn the corner just there so it is full of memorabilia which fascinated my husband.

    Machka in Oz

    And then I watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ... one of my favourite movies. :heart:

    Evelyn : Nothing here has worked out quite as I expected.
    Muriel : Most things don't. But sometimes what happens instead is the good stuff.

    M in Oz

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    Kelly & Carol - Dr. La Verne Wimberly is a class act, isn’t she? It tickles me that she has gone viral on social media. She brings people joy.

    Lisa - I am very happy you are getting your Covid-19 vaccination! And happy for everyone else who has had, or has scheduled, their shots! Who knew it would be so thrilling to get a vaccination? I have high hopes my older grandchildren, 12 and 14, will be vaccinated before fall. Probably overly optimistic.

    Karen in Virginia
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    :) I ended March with an average of over 15,000 steps a day thanks to continuing my evening walks. I think Jake likes my walks because he can play his computer tank game guilt free with me out of the house.

    :) April promises to be a time to do more chores in the yard. My load of bark will arrive on April 9. That will be a happy day.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Kelly - Is this your favorite? It’s mine, too! :D


    Karen in Virginia
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    Thanks barbie, for starting us every month!

    Exermom, i posted for you in march! sorry!

    Goals this month
    A. writing obligations
    -write 75 good pages on writing.

    update website
    update web profile in various schools i work, etc.
    -look into organizing exhibit in usa for teachers in my school
    - apply one in house job (maybe)

    B.Follow up usual teaching work
    -Write class description
    -contact P 1 more time about partnership, then write recap regardless .

    - keep going out for walks for coffee, or juice outside

    -aim for 24 BMI by end of month
    -TRACK EATING & CALORIES Current MFP proposal. 1220 cal net per day. Enter activity, not consume it all.
    Aim for 0-2x a week max foods with sugar cane.
    Aim for 5 different types of veggie per day

    -30 min/day walk 6x a week, any pace
    -at least 15 min 2x a week on recumbent, at 115 HR minimum
    -at least 1x 10 min upper body stuff (weights, stretches, twists, etc.), during cycling or not.

    - contact ortho


    - sort out tickets
    - all new bills and charge paid on time
    - if necessary transfer money
    - reduced housing application 1 step

    -Meditate at least 15 min per day 5 days a week
    - Aim to be off screen at least from midnight to 4 am (preferably more), turn off modem (it helps)

    -Tidy 4x 15 min per day in 4 area per week x 5
    -get 1 or 2 geraneums

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    Sounds great Pip- Thank you Barbie our fearless leader..took a shower and am.dressed and took my walk,Dan will be here to pick me up in a bit so i get the car back.
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    Heather. - Have you seen Dr. La Verne Wimberly’s outfits? She dresses for virtual Sunday services every week. Here is a youtube link:

    Karen in Virginia

    I love this, so much. I wish I could pull off hats like she does. I just look like a dork.

    Willamette Valley, OR