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Demi Lovato's Twitter about an LA fro-yo shop: eating disorder recovery or sense of entitlement?

Speakeasy76Speakeasy76 Member Posts: 543 Member Member Posts: 543 Member
This is definitely a kind of worthless topic given what's going on in today's world, but thought it may be relevant to put here in a weight loss forum. If you aren't on or haven't seen on social media (or likely don't care if you did), Demi Lovato went on a Twitter rant over a locally-owned LA frozen-yogurt shop. Apparently, as someone recovering from an eating disorder, she was "triggered" by what she considered all the "diet culture" options: sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, etc. She attacked this shop, even finding and posting outdated photos of them, saying they were feeding into diet culture and making it difficult for people suffering or recovering from an ED of going there. She was so "triggered" that she left and didn't even order anything. She said they could have a separate area for special dietary needs so those with ED's could feel included??? She's now since backtracked and apologized, saying she was wrong....after all the backlash she got. I'm paraphrasing what I've seen, but that's the gist.

I have never had an ED, but at one time definitely did have disordered eating and thoughts about food. I can understand how someone would be "triggered" by that if recovering, just trying to get a "normal" frozen yogurt without feeling guilty because you see what you think are "diet" products. However, we all know that there are people who have to have sugar-free, dairy-free, etc. for health reasons, and it's not just about weight loss. Even if some people choose the sugar-free because they're trying to lose weight--so what? I probably wouldn't, but maybe at one time I would have. To me, it's like an alcoholic getting mad at a grocery store because there's an alcohol display case near the front of the store.

I feel she acted out of a sense of entitlement, perhaps "triggered" by someone recovering from an ED. She claims she went on this rant to "educate" the shop and others, but no...this was about her own issues that she apparently still needs to deal with, and that others should cater to HER.


  • LoveyCharLoveyChar Member Posts: 3,032 Member Member Posts: 3,032 Member
    I agree that it's a sense of entitlement. Hollywood produced a defective product and Demi Lovato was proud to prove it with her public display of stupidity! Anything for a snippet of attention!
  • glassyoglassyo Member Posts: 5,218 Member Member Posts: 5,218 Member
    I knew there was a rant but not the specifics until this post. It was definitely a dumb and selfish one and I feel like if things trigger you, it's your responsibility to walk away and not someone who's just trying to make a living.

    I would almost say it was for PR but it's also rumored she's not exactly sober these days so it could be that too.

  • Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Member Posts: 1,814 Member Member Posts: 1,814 Member
    Never heard of her but apparently she thinks she's a lot more important than she is.

    If she doesn't like sugar free options does she have a *kitten* fit at every establishment that serves Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?
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  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Member Posts: 5,179 Member Member Posts: 5,179 Member
    In the very near future—
    I see a big red neon sign in front of that froyo shop “DEMI LOVATO We accept your apology. We do our best to please our customers. We offer several options to those who are unable to use our regular products. We hope to continue to serve our customers in the best way possible, and we welcome any conversation that would help us do that”
    Talk about publicity!
  • glassyoglassyo Member Posts: 5,218 Member Member Posts: 5,218 Member
    Yup, definitely a win-win publicitywise for both Demi and the fro yo shop. (Celebrities don't care if it's good or bad publicity. Just if people are talking about them.)

    Which fro yo shop was this anyway?
  • WhatsthemotiveWhatsthemotive Member, Premium Posts: 144 Member Member, Premium Posts: 144 Member
    I understand the dislike of labeling products as "guilt-free." I guess I just have always expected that there would be advertising and actions by others that are annoying to me, just as it is likely that I annoy others. I think we need to learn that we have to tolerate annoyance and keep from having unrealistic expectations that the world will cater to our desires and preferences. If it really affects someone's ED, that's more than annoyance.

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