Whats your favourite type of workout?



  • WhatMeRunning
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    If going by the rush of endorphins, I can't think of anything that quite matches the feeling after sprint intervals. Unfortunately that also tends to make me the most sore and takes the longest to recover from. Heavy squats are right behind those in my opinion. In general though I would have to say a low intensity steady state cardio run outside on a nice day because it lets me enjoy scenery plus get a bit of that post activity high, and can be done multiple days per week.
  • TonyTNT91
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    Sounds like a great balance of aerobic & anaerobic training with a sprinkle of S&C in there too, win win 🏆
  • TonyTNT91
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    @yirara don't let the weather hold you back, hop up and get amongst it!
  • MaltedTea
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    Workouts that force me to make guttural noises. Right now that's calisthenics and anything upper body focused
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    @desertfoxcoffee both great forms of exercise & stress release!
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    Pretty much anything on a bike...road or mountain. Followed closely by hiking, but that requires me to put a good chunk of time aside so I typically really only do it when we're out camping and I don't have any better way to spend 4-6 hours. I dabbled in some rock climbing for awhile and loved it...but gawd it got expensive and I already have an expensive exercise hobby with cycling.

    Not really a gym rat at all. I lift a couple days per week because I know it's highly beneficial and I like the aesthetics...but there are really so many other things I'd rather be doing. I actually wouldn't consider much of what I do an actual "workout" per sei...but I'm pretty active.
  • Mangoperson88
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    Also HIIT
  • lorrpb
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  • meeppeepneep
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    I've started doing pilates, and loving it. Other than that I ride my bike to work and go for walks in the evenings when the weather permits it.
  • jeremywm1977
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    Jogging and TRX
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    I really like indoor rock climbing. It is a good workout for my arms, makes me work on my reach, and is also a mental challenge to figure out how to move up the wall will difficult grips, awkward body positioning, or approve productivity. Plus, there are so many route rankings that I can always find a challenge without being stuck and unable to complete anything in the gym.

    Overall it is just really fun and is a great workout.
  • springlering62
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    A really hot sweaty challenging yoga class with lots of binds, twists and inversions, followed by chilled lavender towels for shivasana.
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    Lifting weights and dancing--either Zumba-type workouts or my actual dance classes (which I consider more of a hobby/interest than actual exercise). I actually find these 2 things competing with each other. If I wasn't in 4 dance classes, I'd be in the gym 5-6 days vs 3 total body days, but am busy enough and don't want to give up dance!

    For my mental health, I love going on long walks on nice days. I live within short walking distance to multiple walking paths and forest preserves, and love walking through the neighborhoods by the lake and all the different types of home architecture.
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    Hiking is my absolute favorite. I enjoy lifting weights but sometimes I don't want to do it and I have to talk myself into it. I like walking and riding bikes as well.
  • Ann262
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    trail running
  • Godlord1488
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    start my.day with my.fav. 2 hrs of elliptical running
    then 30min weight training with body weight and kettlebell
    pull ups then 15 min abs.

    my least fav workout: deadlift and pullup sequences but they work wonders for under arm.flap
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    Yoga and walking
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