11 Of The Biggest Things I Stopped Doing To Lose 90 Pounds - WITH PICS! *What have YOU had to STOP?

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What have you had to STOP doing to find success?? Share yours!

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11. Stopped thinking it was impossible for me.
I always believed other people could be healthy, could be slim, could stay consistent and lose weight. The first step was believing it was possible for ME, living my real life to lose weight and keep it off.

10. Stopped wishfully believing in a quick fix.
The lose 20 pounds overnight wasn’t real. The eat only these things and you will instantly be at your ideal weight wasn’t real. Wishing that I wasn’t fat didn’t make me not fat. Praying that I could be healthy didn’t make me healthy. I had to stop wishing and start doing.

9. Stopped listening to most people.
Most of the people I was hearing from believed in the wishful thinking and quick fix of the next new shiny diet. The one “trick” that would make your body be what you wanted it to be. So I had to be intentional about stopping listening to them and find people who believed in science, calories in, calories our and losing weight the old-fashioned boring way, of moving more and eating less.

8. Stopped thinking I had to SUFFER in order to lose.
Tracking calories and eating in a deficit is a learning curve and challenging sometimes, but discovering how to keep me full (enter volume eating), eating what I want and satiated, has made the process so much more sustainable.

7. Stopped looking for an end date.
I needed to reframe this process and just BEING my life. There is no end to your life other than death, so until then, there is no end date. This is just life.

6. Stopped being an a-hole to myself.
I was not stupid or lazy because I was heavy. I wasn’t incapable or weak. So, I stopped telling myself I was.

5. Stopped blaming anyone or anything else.
It wasn’t genetics, or a slow metabolism or stress, or grief. They all are part of the package that is me, but the reason I was heavy was because I ate too much food.

4. Stopped sitting on the couch.
Not right away…. I lost about 60 pounds firmly on the couch. Now I have added in walking and running.

3. Stopped thinking it would all be “better” after I lost.
I am still me. I still have all of the same insecurities and I now believe I will still be 100% me when I am at my goal weight. What sucked at 272 pounds might be slightly different, but life will still suck sometimes. I am currently going through some health stuff, that losing the weight didn’t fix me mentally or physically – but it did empower me to be a better advocate for myself.

2. Stopped waiting to live.
I was no longer going to put off that photo, that vacation, that adventure until I looked better. I was going to start living the life I wanted to live and take all the photos and vacations I could and enjoying my health as I worked on my health.

1. Stopped stopping.
As this isn’t a race, it is just life – there is no reason to quit when I have an off day, I eat the whole pizza or gain 10 pounds on vacation. I just have to do the habits that I know get me to where I want to be, tracking calories honestly, getting off the couch, and not giving up. Quote by Shia Labeouf: “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.”

What have you had to STOP doing to find success?? Share yours!

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