11 Of The Biggest Things I Stopped Doing To Lose 90 Pounds - WITH PICS! *What have YOU had to STOP?



  • Hollis100
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    Fabulous post! So proud of you.

    You've spelled out a wonderful mindset for many goals in life - real, practical, and positive.
    YOUCDT Posts: 3 Member
    Thank You. You are so inspiring. You look 10 years younger.
  • NotBonJovi
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    Well written! Thank you for inspiring us 🙏
  • cathyb60
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    Love this...all of the reasons hit home for me! Thank you for posting!
  • deb0rah2
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    This was great, thank you. For me, #1 and #7 really resonated. And you look great and healthy!
  • abarocio
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    I really loved all of it. I could totally relate.
  • embkarla
    embkarla Posts: 1 Member
    I am just starting my weight loss journey and this is so encouraging and true.
    I have to stop making excuses and procrastinating
    I am learning to keep all my trigger foods out of the house.
  • fluffypanda77
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    Well said! And you look Great and bet you feel Great too! You should be proud! Congrats!
  • SbetaK
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    I go in spurts of weight loss, with a few backward slides here and there. The hardest thing is DAY !, making it through the first committed day of being serious about my health. After I make it through the first day, I find it easier as I have tucked one successful day away. The more of those successful days following behind me, the easier it is to turn down temptation, or if I do slide back, to continue on the next day as if it never happened. One day at a time. (And not bringing any salty chips into my house.....)
  • cherys
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    What fantastic results and what a great attitude. I especially like your rule that there isn't an 'end' goal. This is life, how you now live it. I am going to focus on that.
  • kaliswalker
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    I've lost 80 pounds and I know you have to make peace with your inner demon and love yourself.
  • mrkdb02
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    I am you to a T. These are exactly what I need to learn to do. Thanks for the post.
  • TamLam99
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    So true and motivating, thanks for sharing.