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11 Of The Biggest Things I Stopped Doing To Lose 90 Pounds - WITH PICS! *What have YOU had to STOP?



  • SweetincenseSweetincense Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Awesome... so encouraging. I never heard of "volume eating". What is that exactly? TIA :)
  • cugogirl2017cugogirl2017 Member Posts: 7,695 Member Member Posts: 7,695 Member
    Spectacular list and spectacular results that speak for themselves, you look so happy and radiant. I think I need to remind myself of all 11 of these statements they all resonate with me. Thank you for taking the time to compile this list I have bookmarked this page so I can easily return to it. You have helped so many more than you know with this "no nonsense wisdom." Well done!
  • BellawowBellawow Member, Premium Posts: 15 Member Member, Premium Posts: 15 Member
    This is now my new daily affirmation
  • alisampmalisampm Member Posts: 165 Member Member Posts: 165 Member

    Here is another resource to get you started on volume eating - it is more of a trick to help your body feel full for fewer calories. Great for those for whom a shake just doesn't qualify as a meal. :)
  • alisampmalisampm Member Posts: 165 Member Member Posts: 165 Member
    suzij27 wrote: »
    One to add. I have had to stop using food for entertainment, recreation, escape or to nurture my hurts. I’ve always heard people say that food is fuel but i just couldn’t relate. I am beginning to really understand what that means and consider that when meal planning. .

    Love this one! So true! I had to add in extra activities to take place of food and extra emotional tools being food. ❤️❤️
  • MsWaxMsWax Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing, and congrats on your success!
  • wunderkindkingwunderkindking Member Posts: 659 Member Member Posts: 659 Member
    Being a perfectionist.
  • Lorri127Lorri127 Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
    This is wonderful!!! I have also saved it and printed it out for motivation. I would like to have some constant friends and support on here... I'm a consistent logger (over 6 years now) and love getting insights from others.

    I'd love any friend requests, but please send a note with it!

    Wonderful advice and words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing!! <3
  • IamsimpleguyIamsimpleguy Member Posts: 1,563 Member Member Posts: 1,563 Member
    Amazing, Inspiring Work, Thank you for sharing and motivating.
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