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Less Alcohol ~ JUNE 2021 ~ One Day At A Time



  • globalhikerglobalhiker Member Posts: 935 Member Member Posts: 935 Member
    Day 3 AF is here.....

    Thanks for your encouraging comments @aipfsu's almost Friday :)

    @Lilylady3k enjoy New Orleans, especially the food!

    @[email protected] glad to see many of my foods on your healthy liver list (not beet juice).

    @MissMay no glitter bombs for you from those drinks...I get it... for me, gelato or chocolate treats give me some glitter

    Audiobooks are great #chocolate_owl. I will have to give that a go. Right now enjoying Netflix series "High on the Hog" about the history of African-American cuisine. Very educational and I am inspired to make some authentic soul food, especially the greens...if I can find a recipe that is "lower" cal.
  • WomonaWomona Member Posts: 801 Member Member Posts: 801 Member

    @Lilylady3k Two of my daughters are UT ZTA’s. :)

    I’m a ZTA too!!!!
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