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Less Alcohol ~ JUNE 2021 ~ One Day At A Time



  • WomonaWomona Member Posts: 801 Member Member Posts: 801 Member
    Well I think that the last time I posted was early February and I have to say that I haven't really done very well between then and now. I had one AF day between then and May 30th. Plus most of the others were not one or two drink days....

    However, since then I had one drink since May 31st. That was Friday the 4th of June and my wife and I had intended to have some drinks to celebrate being AF for the week. As it went we both had a drink and said let's skip it.

    Last weekend was the first time in a very long time being AF Saturday and Sunday.

    It really helps that we are both on it this time. We go on vacation on Friday and I really hope we can get back on it when we return. We are both feeling better, sleeping better and I've lost a few Kilo's already!

    On the one hand I'm so sick of drinking for the sake of it. One the other I really fancy a drink come the evenings. (Well not right now particularly but I know I will once the determination wears off).

    Sorry long post.

    TLDNR: 7 Days AF June

    I’m happy to see you back here!
  • WomonaWomona Member Posts: 801 Member Member Posts: 801 Member
    6/1 - AF, 9 miles
    6/2 - AF, 3.9 miles
    6/3 - AF, 3.5 miles
    6/4 - 4 drinks, 3.85 miles
    6/5 - 1 drink, 3.5 miles
    6/6 - 2 drinks, 1.7 miles
    6/7 - AF, 4.2 miles

    Weekly total: 7 drinks, 4 AF days, 29.65 miles

    Was AF last night because I was supposed to be, but I wasn't happy about it. Last week I got told that this project I've been working on for two years might get cancelled and to hold off doing any work on it. Yesterday at the end of the day I got told that it is indeed still happening, but that means I have to cram three days' worth of work into one day before I go on vacation. Right before I left the office I went to print something out, and it took me 30 minutes to get a printer to work because no one's been maintaining them during the pandemic. Got home in THE WORST mood, and despite husband's best efforts to cheer me up and an hour-long walk to destress, I couldn't shake the mood. And I was SO HUNGRY, but felt like I had to stick to my salad for dinner since I skipped the gym again and settled for a walk. Fell asleep with my stomach rumbling. Despite eating low-cal and not drinking, I'm still up another lb this morning, back to my starting weight for this month. Logic-brain knows fluctuations happen and that this is more related to the weather and needing to poop than anything I'm doing, but emotionally it just sucks. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels, and I'm extremely off-pace for hitting a weight I'm happy with by February.

    Today, instead of being excited for my vacation, I'm really stressed out. I'm staring down a mountain of work. I'm wondering if I should only eat salads for the rest of the month. I haven't taken care of a bunch of personal things, like organizing the paperwork to file my appeal to my insurance company. I've running on very little sleep because I keep having nightmares. And I'm still so frickin hungry. Send me some good vibes, y'all.

    Big, big hug to you!

    If you’re hungry, eat, or at least add some protein to your salad!

    I’m sure it will all get done, and you’ll have a nice relaxing vacation. Hang in there! We are all rooting for you.
  • MissMayMissMay Member Posts: 2,434 Member Member Posts: 2,434 Member
    @chocolate_owl wishing you strength at this very tough time for you and your family.❣
  • dawnbgethealthydawnbgethealthy Member Posts: 3,939 Member Member Posts: 3,939 Member
    Hi : - )

    My goal is 16-20 AF days per month.
    Diary Style.

    Tuesday June 01 - AF
    Wednesday June 02 - AF - I might have drinks tomorrow eve.
    Thursday June 03 - 2 drinks. Quite enjoyed them.
    Friday June 04 - AF - It has been very hot here all week, by mid-afternoon I had to stop walking around doing Census. I will get at it again early in the morning tomorrow before it heats up. I got some garden stuff planted this morning before going out to work for StatsCan (can't knock on people's doors earlier than 9am, that would just be rude). Garden pics to come
    Saturday June 05 - 3 drinks. Census only for Sunday, no restaurant or merch jobs.
    Sunday June 06 - AF - 3 went from a record breaking heat wave to really chilly. I had to have a hot bath this evening after being out knocking on doors all day. A brandy would have been nice, but I resisted.
    Monday June 07 - AF - Planned drinks for Friday
    Tuesday June 08 - Drinks. Didn't last until Friday. Worked from 7am until midnight. No lunch, no dinner, cherries and coffee for breakfast. I know that I have to keep going. I also know that drinks are not the answer, but two sips in (so far) and I am feeling relaxed after an extremely long day. All that keeps me from drinking daily is willpower. No willpower left today. I am not drinking for either stress or celebration, seems to be a physical release. I feel good now and the long day is put away. No regrets on cocktails. Crap, just realized that I have paperwork to submit yet if I mean to get paid!! Off to do that.
    Wednesday June 09 - AF - I had planned to bang on some doors for Census today after the restaurant since tomorrow is choc-o-bloc and I won't have time. Got my gear and list together, then it started raining again. So, an early dinner and now a nice hot bath and early to bed for me.

    Rolling Total - 6AF days out of 9 days.
  • ahoy_m8ahoy_m8 Member Posts: 2,373 Member Member Posts: 2,373 Member
    @chocolate_owl What a tough patch of road for you guys. My heart goes out to you all. I, too, hope your MIL finds peace regardless of what happens in the next few days, weeks or longer. It's a tough call. I'm not a gut-decision person, but hopefully your DH is and his gut will tell him whether to stay or go.
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