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The Fight of my Life -Update WaistBasket



  • PumpkinSagePumpkinSage Member, Premium Posts: 29 Member Member, Premium Posts: 29 Member
    25 pound loss is getting you in the right direction -- HEALTHY!
  • coblujaycoblujay Member, Premium Posts: 220 Member Member, Premium Posts: 220 Member
    Congratulations on a great start! I just started again myself about a month ago and am down 14 pounds as of this morning. I love all the great feedback you are getting. It inspires me too! While I'd love to lose my 80+ pounds right away, every pound down is a victory and the end of 2021 is coming regardless of what I'm doing. If I stay focused, I can reasonably be down 25-30 pounds or I can sabotage myself once again and weigh the same or more. Keep going and let's make this our best year yet!!
  • DoneWorkingDoneWorking Member Posts: 240 Member Member Posts: 240 Member
    The first battle is to get serious enough to do something. So you've won that battle. No go on and win the war!
  • lmf1012lmf1012 Member Posts: 405 Member Member Posts: 405 Member
    29 lbs!!! Yeehaw!! That is awesome, I trust you’re feeling positive and recognizing your accomplishment.
  • springlering62springlering62 Member, Premium Posts: 3,924 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,924 Member
    Don’t worry about letting “us” down. YOU are what’s important and you are fighting for you!
  • jestog63jestog63 Member Posts: 84 Member Member Posts: 84 Member
    Wow, three pages of fantastic, inspiring, informative and supportive posts. This is a great page. All the best to you Waistbasket!
  • rheddmobilerheddmobile Member Posts: 6,610 Member Member Posts: 6,610 Member
    Awesome news! Everyone is different but for me, getting off soda was what made the rest of my diet fall into place. Drinking too much sweet soda made me crave salty, greasy foods like French fries, which made me crave sweet foods, in an endless loop! So happy you are doing well.
  • g2renewg2renew Member Posts: 146 Member Member Posts: 146 Member
    Dropping soda seems to be a key for me, too!
  • joanthemom8joanthemom8 Member, Premium Posts: 371 Member Member, Premium Posts: 371 Member
    You are doing so well! Keep up the good discipline. Discipline is important especially on those days that we don't really have motivation. Disciple just makes us do it.
    I am friends with a woman on here that lost 100 lbs in a little more than a year. I became her friend on her first day and I have been so inspired by her journey. She has kept the weight off for a couple of years now. You can do this!
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 8,046 Member Member Posts: 8,046 Member
    Extremely awesome!!! One day at a time and you'll be there. :)
  • jenilla1jenilla1 Member Posts: 11,142 Member Member Posts: 11,142 Member
    Ditching that soda is a huge victory. People drink a lot of their calories unnecessarily. I have a friend who lost almost 50 pounds after simply dropping the beer and soda from his life! It sounds to me like you're doing all the things you need to do to be successful. Just keep it up and have patience and you will get there! Great job! <3
  • RanocchiaRanocchia Member Posts: 73 Member Member Posts: 73 Member
    @TheWaistBasket congrats on losing and being consistent!
  • springlering62springlering62 Member, Premium Posts: 3,924 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,924 Member
    Yep! You are killin’ it, babe!
  • Vanessa1969Vanessa1969 Member Posts: 143 Member Member Posts: 143 Member
    You are doing very well and I know that you will continue on that path. I empathize with you. It is harder for women in their 50's to lose significant amounts of weight, but it is doable. I am in the same place as you are and neither one of us is going to give up. You will succeed. Please keep us posted.
  • amechecameronamechecameron Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    You could be 25 pounds heavier. Even one pound is a victory. Think of all of the people who don't even have the courage to start. Just never give up. Even if you do, jump right back on.
  • bpotts44bpotts44 Member Posts: 1,066 Member Member Posts: 1,066 Member
    You have taken the hardest and most important step. Identifying you have a problem and taking action to correct it. From here just keep disciplines, learning and adjusting until you reach your goals. I think if you apply yourself to the process you will reach your goals and it will have gone by quickly.
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Member Posts: 8,046 Member Member Posts: 8,046 Member
    <3 I need to broaden my emoji experiences because you definitely deserve them!! <3

    Please keep us updated and just maybe we can be those little voices on your shoulders to gently support you along the way!! Good luck!
  • Une_PoireUne_Poire Member Posts: 36 Member Member Posts: 36 Member
    What a great thread - so much good discussion & encouragement! Best wishes to you on continued progress toward your goals and better health.
    One thing that helps me when I'm feeling hungry a lot is to consider whether I've been keeping hydrated well enough, especially in terms of water. I more typically tend to realize I haven't after the fact...
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