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  • TinaLeigh67
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    @TheWaistBasket congratulations! You should be proud and happy. Every advancement and improvement is a victory. It is something. No improvement is nothing. Keep up the great work.
  • Geneveremfp
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    That's a massive achievement.

    When I was looking into it increasing your steps at the beginning when you're doing lower levels of steps per day has the biggest impact on health. So you increasing your steps at the moment is having a big net positive on your body.
  • lmf1012
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    You have the right mindset! Everyone is starting from a different place with different challenges and restrictions. It would not be fair to minimize your progress and accomplishments by comparing yourself to someone else who may be in a different place along the way than you.

    I love that you are engaged in YOUR process and progress, take time to reflect and celebrate all of the wins along the way, big or small.
  • mjglantz
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    Yay for you! Getting started is half (or almost all) the battle. Taking it slow IMO is the way to go and you'll get the tools here that can help you.
  • Cheesy567
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    I walked 2000 steps on Sunday and yesterday. 600 steps more than I could manage when I started. …
    I am so proud …
    2000 steps and I am happy. …
    The little guy in my watch is too 🎂🎉🎂

    So am I, so proud of you! So happy you could share and celebrate!! 🎊🎉🥳 💃🏼🕺🏽💃🏼
  • The_Movie_Chair
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    You are doing great!
  • SueMiconi
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    I’m happy for you too! You’re doing so well!!
  • ythannah
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    I lost another 4 pounds. I am doing it. I found "Eating well" and I have cooked new dinners. Healthy, yummy, low calories. I am learning. 33 pounds less and nobody seems to notice. Still huge, still big but less.

    33 lbs just happens to be the same weight as the bag of dog kibble I buy every month. It's definitely not an insignificant amount!

    I think one of my most startling moments was when I bought myself a certain pre-made deli salad as a "treat". That was when I knew I had genuinely embraced a healthier way of eating. There was no magic in changing my mindset, just sticking to healthier foods and exploring recipe options to make "healthy" as tasty and appealing as possible.

    As your strength and stamina improve, your step count will increase. It's a great way to mark your progress.