🌲December Daily Log-in and Weigh-in Challenge🌲



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    Hello Everyone!
    I'm Mary 64, 5'4" from Pennsylvania. My goal is to get back down AGAIN to 122 lbs. Kept it off for about 5 years and then got lazy. My body just stores Carbs to easily. I work long hours and exercise on my 3 off days/week, making up for my 4 work days. I started this challenge in November and will continue through December and January. Great group of motivating members! Thank you Jill! My goal is 5 lbs for December. My other goal is 15 lbs for Nov, Dec and Jan. JOIN US!

    🌲December Challenge🌲

    Highest weight: 255 lbs (twice) :-(
    Current weight:176.2 lbs
    November goal-5 lbs
    November loss-5.6 lbs
    December goal-5 lbs
    December weight lost so far: -5.0 lbs :-)
    Nov/Dec/Jan weight loss so far (Goal-15 lbs): -10.6 lbs :-)
    Loss since 9/14/20-83.8 lbs :-)

    December 1-176.2 lbs. Pre logged yesterday for today and Pre logged tomorrow. Stayed within my calories, carbs and water minimum.
    December 2-176.2 lbs Pre logged for tomorrow.
    December 3-175 lbs

    December 4-173.8 lbs! I'm No Longer Obese by BMI charts! I'm overweight now! Even as a RN I don't dwell on BMI. I have always weighed more than what people think. My boys are all the same way. Solid. My one son in the military when he was about 4-6% body fat was Obese on a BMI chart. So...
    I'm wearing size 10 jeans but put on a pair of 8's today and easily zipped them up, but not wearing them because my flabby belly hangs out over bad. Did my Elliptical for 222 minutes for 16.3 miles today.

    December 5-171.8 lbs. Did 224 minutes on my Elliptical for 14.25 miles. I was obviously moving at a slower pace since I didn't get to my usual 15-16 mile range. Thrilled by the swoosh of weight though today!

    December 6-172.8 lbs-Stayed on track so hopefully just my usual uptick before a drop! Worked today, off tomorrow so will be on my elliptical again.

    December 7-171.2 lbs Was on my Elliptical for 250 minutes/18 miles. Had a Nursing conference dinner at a restaurant and figured I would make sure I had more than enough for a calorie deficit. Pre logged today for tomorrow. Had 150 oz of water today.

    December 8-171.2 lbs Thought I would have a drop today but maybe tomorrow.
    December 9-171.2 lbs. :-( Didn't drop yet. 220 minutes on my Elliptical today for 14 miles.
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