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    Hi I’m 53 and 5’6”.
    Starting Weight: 257.8 (1/14/21)

    Dec Start Weight: 216.6 (12/1/21)
    Dec Goal Weight: 216.6
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170

    Dec 4: 214.6 (-2.0)
    Dec 11: 215.0 (+0.4)
    Dec 18: 215.3 (+0.3)
    Dec 25: ??????
    Dec 31:

    I’m not weighing this week. Merry Christmas everyone!🎄
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    I'm in! Thank you, @sassbag !
    71 year old female...5'5" ...I used to be 5'7" but arthritis hit and I lost two inches, so now that two inches is squished around my waist like the billows of a big accordion...
    ...Oh, well. I'll just keep working on it.
    Heaviest: 192.2
    Round GW: 142.0
    UGW: 132.2
    12/01 - 147.7 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/06 - 147.3 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/13 - 146.9 at 5:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/20 - 145.9 at 7:30 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/27 - 148.6 at 7:00 a.m. ...60 min workout w/trainer
    12/31 -
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    Overall Starting Weight: 179.4
    Dec Start Weight: 158.2
    Dec Goal Weight: 150
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 135

    Dec 1: 158.2
    Dec 8: 157 - I honestly can't remember the last time I lost 1lb in a week... :o usually .2... :D
    Dec 15: 157
    Dec 22: 156.6
    Dec 29:
    Dec 31:

    Dec Total:
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    Dec Start Weight: 331.7 lbs
    Dec Goal Weight: 320 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight:200 lbs

    Dec 6: 331.7 lbs
    Dec 11: 325.9 lbs Yay!!
    Dec 18: 323.5 lbs 👏🏾👏🏾
    Dec 25:: 325.5 lbs
    Dec 31:
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    Dec Start Weight: 74.6kg
    Dec Goal Weight: 73kg
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 68kg

    Low weight loss goal for December as we’ll be away visiting family for Christmas. I’ll be sticking to my plan as much as possible, but also want to enjoy some of the festive treats!

    Dec 1: 74.6kg
    Dec 8: 74.2kg
    Dec 15: 73.6kg
    Dec 22: 20: 73.4kg (recording early this week as we fly to the UK today for Christmas 🎄😀😷🦠)
    Dec 29: 73,7kg (Pretty happy with today’s number - after a week away from home visiting family, eating plenty of Christmas treats, and having limited control over what food was on offer!)

    Total December loss: 900 grams
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    Overall Starting Weight: 164.8
    Dec Start Weight: 163.4
    Dec Goal Weight: 160
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 140

    Dec 1: 163.4
    Dec 8: 161.6
    Dec 15: 161.2
    Dec 22: 160.8
    Dec 29: 160.0
    Dec 31:

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    Dec Start Weight: 192.8
    Dec Goal Weight: 187.2
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 168

    Dec 1: 192.8
    Dec 8: 190 (-2.8)
    Dec 15: 191.4 (+1.4)
    Dec 22: 186.2 (-5.2)
    Dec 29: 191 (+4.8)
    Dec 31:
  • DogIsMyCopilot
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    Overall Starting Weight: 164.8
    Dec Start Weight: 163.4
    Dec Goal Weight: 160
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 140

    Dec 1: 163.4
    Dec 8: 161.6
    Dec 15: 161.2
    Dec 22: 160.8
    Dec 29: 160.0
    Dec 31: 160.2

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    edited December 2021
    December Start Weight: 147
    December Goal Weight: 142
    December End Weight: 142.4
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 125

    Dec 1: 147
    Dec 8: 145
    Dec 15: 143.4
    Dec 22: 142.4
    Dec 31: 142.4

    Close enough to goal for me!

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    Dec. starting weight: 227.6
    Dec. goal weight: 222.6
    Dec. end weight: 221.4 (-6.2)
    UGW: 170?

    Dec. 1: 227.6
    Dec. 8: 222.8
    Dec. 15: 222.2
    Dec. 22: 221.4
    Dec. 29: 222.0
    Dec. 31: 221.4

    On to January! Happy New Year everyone!
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    Heaviest weight: 175.4 in early 2013.
    Original MFP starting weight (January 2018) - 168.2
    November 30 (Starting Weight): - 149.2 (10-day average 150.6)
    December goal - 148
    Ultimate goal - Range between 145 - 150

    I report scale weight and (ten day average weight), and I post on Saturdays. Normally. Since it's the last day of the year, I'm jumping in a day early.

    Nov 30: 149.2 (10-day average 150.6)
    Dec 4: 148.2 (10-day average 149.4)
    Dec 11: 150.0 (10-day average 149.7)
    Dec 18: 151.4 (10-day average 150.2)
    Dec 25: 153.0 (10-day average 151.3)
    Dec 31: 150.4 (10-day average 150.8)

    Total loss for December Close enough to zero to be de minimis.

    My ten-day average from January 1, 2021: 152.4. I ended the year a couple pounds down, which is better than a gain. I obviously did gain DURING the year, because my average weight for 2021 is 153.4. Not only did I end below where I started, I ended below average for the year. I'll call that a success.

    I am ending the year about the top of my maintenance range; just a wee bit over. I will get back to where I was in 2020 during 2022. This past year has just been a shitshow for most everyone in some way or another or many ways.


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    My name is Donna. I am 61 years old and I live in the Midwest of the US. I am 5’ 5” tall.

    Start Weight (from Nov 30 ): 189.2
    Goal Weight: 184.2 (5 pound loss)

    End of Challenge Weight: 191.6
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145-155 (I’ll know it when I get there!)

    Dec 01…..…..188.7…..(Trend Weight: 189.5)….. A horrible family loss today. This one will be hard to get past. Things are already spiraling out of control.

    Dec 03…..…..189.8…..(Trend Weight: 189.5)…..

    Dec 10…..…..189.8…..(Trend Weight: 189.4)….. It’s very difficult to be without my brother, especially this time of year. He was only 54. I just want him back. I am trying to get into the spirit for the sake of my children and grandchildren. I am decorating but haven’t even started shopping yet and shopping means a lot of far travel (I’m in a very rural area), or waiting on the mail to arrive. So I know I need to get my butt in gear but I just feel to weak. Dieting and counting my calories/carbs has been non-existent. Exercise other than normal housework has been ziltch. I know this doesn’t solve anything. I’m going to start over with one small change per day through December because I’ve been jolted enough. His health wasn’t good but the end came faster than expected and I already feel like the world has turned upside down. I am asking for your patience with me, my friends.

    Dec 17…..…..189.6…..(Trend Weight: 190.2)….. I’m still eating my emotions and not planning like I should be. There have been some small changes that I’ve promised myself but I really need to plan for unexpected hunger better. Also that night time snacking has got to go! This week’s weigh-in shows a small decrease in actual weight but an increase in trend due to the ups & downs of the week. If I can keep the scale moving down, the trend will follow. Any plan is better than no plan!

    Dec 24…..…..192.4…..(Trend Weight: 190.9)….. Another death this week. This time it was a dear friend age 55 from an asthma attack. A beautiful memorial service but so sad, she was too young. I’ve been eating in sporadic ways. Sometimes good, sometimes bad over this past week. I’m up a little over 3 pounds this month. The only thing I’ve lost is my brother and my friend. I will try to re-focus after the holidays.

    Dec 31…..…..191.6…..(Trend Weight: 191.7)….. . On December 31, 2020 my weight was at 207.0. Down 15.4 pounds this year and for that I am grateful. I plan on working even harder in 2022. Happy New Year everyone!

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150's
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    How did we do? Did I meet my goals?….. hell no! Did I have some great weeks then fall off the wagon here n there? Hell yes! . I’m nowhere near my goals… mainly because I like my food too much with little exercise… BUT . . I’m smaller than I was beginning of the year🙂 I will post the 2022 link shortly, would love to see you all there?!? X