Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 175



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    @CamandJarvis - I hope and pray things get better.🙏💚
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    @PrimalJillian Sorry, I keep forgetting to congratulate you on One-Declan’s! CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎉🎉
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    @PrimalJillian Sorry, I keep forgetting to congratulate you on One-Declan’s! CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎉🎉

    Thank you! ☺️
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    edited January 2022
    R164 SW 208.4 EW 204.8 (-3.6)
    R165 SW 204.8 EW 205.4 (+0.6)
    R166 SW 205.4 EW 199 (-6.4)
    R167 SW 199 EW 196.4 (-2.6)
    R168 SW 196.4 EW 193.4 (-3)
    R169 SW 193.4 EW 192 (-1.4)
    R170 SW 192 EW 190 (-2)
    R171 SW 190 EW 189.2 (-0.8)
    R172 SW 189.2 EW 189.8 (+0.6)
    R173 SW 189.8 EW 187 (-2.8)
    R174 SW 187 EW 184.4 (-2.6)

    SW: 184.4
    GW: 181.8

    1/17 / 185.4 / Today consisted of work, a walk at lunch, a Peloton ride, some stretching, and a core strength workout. Looking forward to a good round ahead and moving into the low 180's.
    1/18 / 184.4 / Another solid Peloton workout done, this time at lunch since it was colder than I wanted it to be for my walk. I am going to take my next FTP test on Thursday morning to see how I've improved. Work is taking a lot of mental energy so I'm thankful for the good habits I've got in place to support me right now.
    1/19 / 183.2 / Change of plans on the Peloton FTP test so I ended up doing a training ride today instead. My husband and I are doing the Pelo Fondo event this weekend so I decided to postpone a new FTP until next week.
    1/20 / 181.4 / Got out for a short walk at lunch and now I'm waiting for my turn on the Peloton... my husband and I are both obsessed so we have to take turns lol.
    1/21 / 183 / So ecstatic the weekend is here! Mostly a rest day today to gear up for the PeloFondo event tomorrow. Hoping to get 100KM done in one day!
    1/22 / 185 / Fun day in our house here today as both my husband and I are participating in the PeloFondo event. I rode the bike for over 60KM first thing, and now he's doing his full distance in one go. We have supper out with friends so I'll be finishing my distance around that. Plus, the sun is out so I got a great walk outside with the dog.

    I love reading about your Peloton adventures, it keeps me going with my spin bike rides too! We have a basic spin bike and I use the Playbook app on my phone with a great trainer.