And.... I'm back

In early February 2020 I had my first son the day before my 30th birthday. After his birth I weighed 216 lbs. I tried using myfitnesspal after I was 6 week postpartum but I couldn't wrap my mind around calorie tracking. In June 2020 I decided to try WW since it seemed simpler at the time to wrap my mind around. By February 2021 I was down to 177! I was doing so good but I hit 2 major road blocks. The first was my 1-year mat leave was over. The second was... I WAS PREGNANT AGAIN!!!

My pregnancy with my second son seemed harder. I was tired by not able to recover as much since I already had a child to look after. I managed to get up to 230 lbs with my pregnancy.

I am now 4 months postpartum, weighing 221 lbs and ready to start again with simple "guilt-free" tracking. By "guilt-free" tracking I mean if I want to eat the donut I will eat the donut. I will track it and move on. I'll make the things I love work within my calories.

At the end of July I have a family photoshoot. To feel happy and confident during the shoot I would like to be 180 lbs. That's around 2 lbs per week I need to lose.

If there are any mothers out there trying to raise there little ones and lose weight feel free to add me! (Also I am exclusively breastfeeding which is it's own added challenge)