Help each other lose some weight and become friends on the journey.

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Hello...,It's me....again.

Feel free to drop me a message or an add, anyone is welcome. Just looking for some people that I can drop in with regularly and just chat about random stuff doesn't have to be fitness or weightloss related. I made this my primary 'social media' for a while last time and that seemed to help seeing the progress people are making regularly helped me and my mentality ALOT. I do own a Fitbit and it is on charge so will be hopefully using that again to motivate me to get out of the house and walking again.

Below here I have put the main reason this has all kick started again, feel free to read if you want if not feel free to just add me if you wish.

I've been in this position many many times, I believe I'm what's known as a serial starter. Hopefully this time is the last for a while.
I know I am overweight and have been for a long long while, but as I'm 6ft3 and a larger build I kis myself that I can carry it off a little better. That was until I had a lad at work tell me to "do ya walk", I was confused but apparently I have a destinctive walk this is due to my size and build. My arms arch outwards like I'm carrying rolled up carpet under my arms and I sway, this is mainly due to my flat feet and bingo wings. xD Not much I can do other than to lose some of this weight. I want this to stop so therefore turned back to MFP and the community on here to hopefully help me get this extra weigh gone.


  • Melo_65
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    Well, that was rude of him to say!! I don’t care what kind of walk you have. Anyway, I feel your frustration and pain. I’m 57 and have lost weight and out it back on several times in life. I’m doing it differently this time and am feeling better about it. Just keep getting up each day and doing at least one thing that helps you to your goal. We can all help keep each other motivated on this journey. 😀
  • mitch239
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    This is what I'm attempting this time. Every day (at least to start with) just doing one thing that helps me towards my goal. Even if it's just changing the cereal I eat. This may only be a small change and not actually help immediately but it's building a habit of picking the healthier option.
  • KenerD42
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    Hey! I just read your post and wanted to let you know I'm rooting for you!! Feel free to add me as a friend or send a message! I am ALWAYS happy to encourage or help someone in any way I can. God bless you!
  • Chanda4life
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    I always remind myself that you only fail when you stop trying! You’re still here ready to try again and that’s pretty awesome! I’m happy to offer support. I’ll send you a request! You’ve got this!
  • annmarieferrante
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    Staring over again here too! There is lots of stretching and exercise routines available on here and on YouTube that you can look up and see what is best for you and we can do them in the privacy of our homes. Believe it or not but your foot arches may improve as you loose weight. There is a FB group called ‘macro counting 101’ I just paid only $20 and am getting my macros done by Dan S. I researched/stalked the page for months while recovering from 4 level cervical fusion surgery and I finally sent in the $20. Tracking is a Necessary EVIL but I feel better having a science and nutritional based plan of action, instead of making the same mistakes again. Here’s hoping for a healthier and more confident lifestyle for all of us!
    Onward and upward!!!!
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    hi. I can't seem to add people right now, not sure why. feel free to add me though :)
  • CaydensMommy
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    I'm starting over again myself. The passed year has been somewhat of a struggle and I decided to drop some weight before my beach trip in a few months. I bought a scale today and I stepped on it to be surprised with my heaviest weight ever. A bit depressing. I done so well but a knee injury then surgery set me back in 2020. Can't use that as an excuse much longer. I need accountability buddies and help as well! Feel free to add me! I will add you all as well!
  • CaydensMommy
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    Well turns out I have been away so long that I don't know how to add people from the community forums...
  • Mamastef
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    I too am a serial starter. I only have about 15 pounds to lose. i need the motivation to be more active. I am 38 but some days my body feels like i'm 90 !
  • JBanx256
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    Hey Mitch, sorry to hear that co-worker of yours is a jerk. Best wishes on your journey man, you've got this!
  • annliz23
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    Just do your own thing you have got this, stay focused and you will see results. Good luck.
  • AlK1971
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    Hi all. Back after 10 years or so. Did well last time, fingers crossed I can repeat it! Good luck everybody!!
  • broadwey21
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    Another self confessed serial starter here, but this time I have something to aim for so I’m hoping to carry on with my current positive outlook, I’m happy to be added for a bit of mutual encouragement…I find it really helps to see my newsfeed with some supportiveness on there and I love hearing of other peoples success.
    So my first week is done with an 8lb loss, bring on week 2 😁

    Add me for reciprocal encouragement
  • Badunkadunk_Buster
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    I am a serial starter too! We can do it... THIS IS THE TIME!
  • jillkh36
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    Great job for not giving up! The hardest part is getting started and keeping the motivation. But your health and well being are worth it. 😊. I’m new here, changing from WW as their costs are just too high to keep going. I’ve heard great things about this app so wanted to give it a try. You’re welcome to add me if you like, I’m happy to help any way I can. All the best to you on your journey!