Who run the world?

absurdic Posts: 62 Member
I used to be really active here but then I got badly injured and now I got 100 pounds to loose! I joined MFP in 2012 and lost 50 lb but now most of my friends aren't active anymore.
I'm looking to connect with women 25-35 who know the struggle of early career life, family and everything else that we face. Let's keep each other accountable and inspire each other! <3


  • sianlr87
    sianlr87 Posts: 72 Member
    Well done on the 50lb loss!! I also suffered an injury, so getting active can be difficult. I don't have as much to lose but still have those daily struggles with life / motivation etc. Happy to connect, chat, encourage etc :)
  • Calamitycazza
    Calamitycazza Posts: 87 Member
    Hello! I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I lost a fair amount of weight years ago but now it's all back plus a bit extra! I'm trying to juggle family life, work and weight loss and am looking for friends to help support and motivate me. Happy to connect with anyone in the same boat or even just wanting motivation :)
  • kaysfieldnotes
    kaysfieldnotes Posts: 6 Member
    I’m in a similar situation too. Was active on here years ago with great success & now I’m looking to lose about 50-60lbs I’ve gained over the years. I’m happy to connect! 😌