Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 184



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    @playhardkf2017 - Sending lots of healing thoughts your way! So interesting about your Fitbit data.
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    4/22 did not weigh. Tested positive for covid on Wednesday night after symptoms progressively got worse Wednesday during the day. It took seconds for the at-home test to turn positive the second time around. My fever broke last night luckily but still feeling weird today. Please be careful out there for yourselves. Covid isn’t fun at all, even if you’re a healthy individual. That’s my Covid psa for the day. The interesting piece was looking at my Garmin data which showed all sorts of increases in stress on Tuesday and then the following days. My resting heart rate also shot up 10 bpm more than average. Now I’m just resting for the next few days and trying to do everything I can to help my body heal/recover.
    So sorry you caught Covid.
    🫂 🫂 🫂,good healing vibes, and 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 heading your way. Hoping you have a full, and speedy recovery. Extra hydration may help the headaches!

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    @playhardkf2017 Wishing you a speedy recovery
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    HSW - 218.2 (Feb. 2015)
    UGW - 135
    2022 Goals — 150; move more; eat mostly healthfully, no extremes; walk lots.

    📆 History

    R172 12/27/21: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 181.1 (-.2). Ave calories 1721.
    R173 1/06/22: end weight 177.8. Moving Ave 177.9 (-3.3). Ave calories 1376.
    R174 1/16/22: end weight 178. Moving Ave 178 (+.1). Ave calories 1469.
    R175 1/26/22: end weight 179. Moving Ave 178.4 (+.4). Ave calories 1580.
    R176 2/05/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 179.7 (+1.3). Ave calories 1594.
    R177 2/15/22: end weight 178.4. Moving Ave 178.3 (-1.4). Ave calories 1473.
    R178 2/25/22: end weight 178.8. Moving Ave 178.8 (+.5). Ave calories 1714.
    R179 3/07/22: end weight 178.2. Moving Ave 177.9 (-.9). Ave calories 1646.
    R180 3/17/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 179.9 (+2). Ave calories 1823.
    R181 3/27/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 180.5 (+.6). Ave calories 1762 (goal <1400).
    R182 4/06/22: end weight 180. Moving Ave 179.8 (-.7). Ave calories 1489 (goal <1400).

    2018: end weight running average 137.2.
    Extreme elimination diet (doctor prescribed) for diagnostic reasons, very low calories, then boom! Gained 40 pounds.
    2019: end weight running average 176.1
    2020: end weight running average 183.8.
    2021: end weight running average 179.4.
    2022: goal weight 150. UGW 135.

    R183 4/16/22: end weight 179.2. Moving Ave 179.3 (-.5). Ave calories 1482 (goal <1400).
    R184 4/26/22: goals—weight 178, calories <1400, lower fat intake, increase protein.


    4/17 - 178.8
    Ok, made yesterday’s <179 goal today, in spite of a few jelly beans last night. We’re going to friends’ for dinner, so I’m eating light during the day. Happy Easter, Passover, Ramadan, and whatever else you might be celebrating! 🪺

    4/18 - 179.6
    Not a surprise after last night’s dinner. I didn’t try to count calories, though I may still enter what I remember. Other than jelly beans, nothing was too crazy caloric. Off this morning for evaluation for upcoming cataract surgery. Not looking forward to this adventure.

    4/19 - 181
    Time lag from Sunday + salt yesterday. Calories were good, so this is temporary. Eye eval went well yesterday and I’m scheduled for June surgeries, but I still have a lot of Qs and feel like I’m being rushed into this. I’m going to do a bunch of research and then decide whether to go forward or postpone. The only vision issue I have is night driving, and I rarely do that. We’ll see. Off to doggy school!

    4/20 - 180.2
    Ok, headed back in the right direction. I still feel I can hit my 178 goal this round. Agility class today, so I’ll get some exercise. Last week, Rory knocked me down—ran into me on a turn toward a jump. Thank goodness we have nice padded mats. Hoping to stay on my feet today!

    4/21 - 179.6

    4/22 - 179.6
    I snacked a bit last night, but not too horribly. Off for coffee with a good friend. Happy Friday!

    4/23 - 180
    Woops. Boy, it doesn’t take much to boing me right back up. Calories were only slightly high yesterday. Oh, well. Gorgeous day—my garden calls!

    4/24 -
    4/25 -
    4/26 -
    Goal for 2022-2023 Progress