New member and cancer warrior

Happy to introduce myself, I’m 51 and at 49 diagnosed with a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. Which was a shock but not a shock?? After months of pain and fatigue until the pain was so bad I couldn’t get off the floor. A ct scan showed a broken T5 vertebrae and broken ribs as well as cancerous lesions on my shoulders, ribs, pelvis and spine. Over 80% of my plasma was cancerous and hemoglobin was just of 90 hence the fatigue, my heart was enlarged from struggling to keep going.
We quickly got on the chemo program and after 8 months of weekly chemo went in for a stem cell transplant.
To keep myself as healthy as possible we adopted a clean(er) eating and much more exercise program… being able to log my food and track what’s going in I look forward to getting those last 10-15 lbs off.
My exercise is still limited due to the damage caused from the cancer on my bones…. But although never cured I won’t give up and fight this to the end….. maybe there are other cancer survivor and warriors on here


  • x2egcmillabvs0x
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    I am so happy to hear you're doing this for yourself and continue to fight on despite the adversity you've faced. Good for you! Keep it going.
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    You can do it…and your attitude is amazing 🤩
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    Hello, and welcome!

    I'm a cancer survivor (stage III breast cancer), though at a different stage (in long-term remission, so far). I empathize with your story, though - it does help to take control of what we can, and hope that that will help with the things we can't directly change. I'm not as familiar with your type of cancer, but I know that good nutrition, exercise, and other health-promoting practices can improve prognosis in some types.

    I just wanted to stop by your post, say "hi", and wish you the best possible outcome!
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    So glad to meet you! I have stage 4 cancer and am currently in chemotherapy. Thanks so much for being open and forthcoming- it helps other cancer thrivers to know we’re not alone. Hope to keep in touch!
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    Hey! I don't have cancer, but do have an incurable, progressive genetic disease that likes to try and kill me and constantly messes with my ability to function.

    Still, I have an awesome life, and I wouldn't trade the good things I have just for a body that works, but man do I miss being able to go for walks.