May 2022 Monthly Running Challenge



  • 7lenny7
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    Another 7+ miles tonight. More speedwork, kind of.

    I decided I'm going to do a HM in late June and happen to find training plans in Strava, which are provided by McMillan. I picked the plan, entered my metrics and it placed me in the middle of Week 5 of a 10 week plan and today's run is supposed to be a Speed Workout of 6-8 x 1200m at "Speed Pace" with a 3 minute recovery, plus warm up and cool down. I found out that my speed pace is 7:30 to 8:05. Since I'm just starting speedwork I programmed my watch for the 6x and set recovery for lap button press so I could take as long as I wanted for recovery. I planned a 7.5 mile route which would work well.

    After the 1 mile warmup, which included a half mile of fast walking, I still felt like a slug so I kept warming up another 0.8 miles until I came to a downhill, thinking I'd use gravity to help propel me to an 8:00 pace. It kind of worked but there was no way I was going to get down to 8:00 so I did what I felt I could and pushed until the 1200m was up. Forget the 3 minute recovery, it was more like 10 minutes until I started on the next rep (with some of that being walking), and so on. With such a long recovery I knew I wasn't going to get 6 reps in but I did manage 4, and am happy with that. It turns out my rep paces were 8:53, 8:17, 8:05 and 8:12...much closer to goal pace than I thought on those last 3.

    An 8:00 pace, btw, is what I'd like to achieve in the HM to break 1:45. My current PR is 1:51 and truthfully I'd be happy to set a new one, but 1:45 is what I'll aim for to make a new PR more of a possibility.

    As much as it sucks to get back into speedwork, one thing that tells me is that is what I need. Whatever is hardest, is what you're lacking. Easy doesn't change you. So I'm dreading this, and looking forward to it at the same time. Going forward I'll try to use the plan for weekday runs and go back to my normal trail runs for the weekends, with a couple of paved long runs thrown in here and there. Whatever...we'll see where this goes. I do think some emphasis on road running speed will help me on the trail.


  • quilteryoyo
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    @katharmonic You are doing great! Only three days with no running so far this month. That's awesome. You'll get your groove back soon. Love that you saw the beaver.

    @kgirlhart Great running. That's some heat you are getting. Love the new shoes.

    @7lenny7 Sounds like a tough workout. Your pace is awesome. I, personally, love speed work, but so far mine is for a lot shorter period/distance than yours.

    Nice running @Mari33a . You'll have to send some of that rain to @7lenny7 . (You can send some here too. Not so I can run in it, but we're beginning to need some. All of the storms have missed us this week without even a sprinkle. I'm glad to miss the storms, but need a little rain.)
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    @7lenny7 Good luck with the HM training. I hope you get that PR!

    @Scott6255 I love hummingbirds! We get a lot of them in the hill country. I never realized they made little chirping noises until recently as I've always seen them through windows.
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    Looks like I'm getting my wish for a rainy race!! And it's cooler than forecasted yesterday. 70F at race start. That's a huge difference! I just finished packet pickup and am one of few who seem happy about the rain. Several people were just taking their medal and bailing. It's a steady rain but definitely not a downpour. I packed a visor and I'm really glad I did.
    Now I have to really reconsider racing. I'm going to go for it. Hopefully the roads aren't slippery. Hanging out in my car for another 15 mins or so then I'll make 1 last potty stop and warm up a little.

    You are probably finished by now but I hope you had a great race!
  • Scott6255
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    Wow awesome pictures of your AT hike @Teresa502! Dang I can't imagine hiking 2200 miles 😳
    @martaindale hope your 10K race went well and it wasn't too slippery!

    15.1 miles this morning for me. Weather was just about perfect...60F and overcast, but was a little windy at 18mph. So wanted to take advantage of this unicorn of a day in late May. It felt a little harder than last weekend, but realized I was going about a minute per mile faster. HR was below 120, until mile 6 when it shot up to 189 and stayed there. It wasn't really that high, just cadence lock again. Tried to pause, then took it off and wiped the sensor, but neither worked. So just had to ignore it. But everytime I glanced at my watch and saw those red numbers it was kind of defeating. But in any case it was a pretty good run.

  • yirara
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    02.05: 3.20km in 26min 10 stride repeats
    04.05: 6.45km in 57min
    06.05: 3.11km in 24min
    08.05: 4.00km in 31min
    10.05: 3.00km in 22min
    11.05: 4.13km in 35min
    17.05: 4.23km in 35min progression run
    18.05: 5.43km in 45min
    20.05: 3.50km in 27min 10 stride repeats
    22.05: 5.00km in 41min

    41.1/60km - 0.5km behind goal
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    @martaindale that's great about the rain. I don't get taking the medal and leaving though. What are they going to do with the medal if they haven't run to earn it?

    This was an issue for me with a race that got canceled (after it started) and they gave us the medals. It's just a reminder to me of their incompetence and to not race in that city ever again LOL. The only people who ran to earn it had to be in the first wave AND run past a police blockade to do it, and very few people did that. Another race, I was a little extra in my participation as a cheering spectator, and my friend who knew the organizer got me and my daughter leftover medals a few days later. So that is a reminder of the team effort and my part in it, similar to the medal I got for participation in a soccer camp. But in the case of people who are signed up but bailed because of 😱RAIN? Like, is it on their medal rack now? 🤣

    Most of my running club girls ran in a women's 5k in our city today. I was ready to cheer for them, but didn't get done at work in time 🙁 One girl did it pushing a double stroller with her 2 older kids in it (she just gave birth to baby #3 a couple months ago, and hasn't been back to running for a while). Awesome.
  • kgirlhart
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    May Goal: 100 Miles

    5/1: 12.03 miles
    5/2: 2.02 miles
    5/3: 5.05 miles
    5/4: 5.51 miles
    5/5: 5.16 miles
    5/6: 1.51 miles
    5/7: 1.06 miles
    5/8: 8.06 miles
    5/9: 2.03 miles
    5/10: 5.15 miles
    5/11: 6.02 miles
    5/12: 5:51 miles
    5/13: 2.05 miles
    5/14: 1.20 miles
    5/15: 10.12 miles
    5/16: 2.05 miles
    5/17: 5.60 miles
    5/18: 5.32 miles
    5/19: 5.51 miles
    5/20: 2.21 miles
    5/21: 2.06 miles
    5/22: 10.01 miles

    105.24/100 miles completed for May

    It was nice and cool for my long run today. It was about 58°F with a dew point of 44°. It was a little windy, but not enough to complain about. I had a good run. I was a little tired starting out, but after the first couple of miles I settled into it. I didn't see any critters. I did see Sunny the Donkey and I saw a century plant blooming. I stopped to take a picture and noticed a hummingbird was feeding at it. But when I got home I couldn't see the hummingbird in the picture.

    This run puts me at 105.24 miles for May. I guess I didn't take the streak into consideration when I set my goal.

    @Teresa502 Awesome pictures from your hike. I was already jealous of that, and now you are going to Ireland. I hope you have a great time and get at least one run in.

    @martaindale I'm glad you had good weather for your race. I hope it went well.