May 2022 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Mom and I went out and cut and hauled the smaller cedar trees out of most of my hay field this morning. We still have a little bit to do. We were there for about 2.5 hours, but I only had my Garmin on when I was walking/cutting trees. I tried to turn it off when I was driving the Gator and unloading. So, actual "working" time was 1:29:22 min - walked 1.66 miles - burned 330 calories. I was in the sun most of the time and let mom do the shady part. I was hot and tired by the time we quit.

    Then, I saw a car at my brothers house, which he recently sold. We haven't met the new neighbor's yet, so mom wanted to see if they were there. We were sweaty and nasty, but hey.... The lady was there and seems really nice. We talked to her for about and hour. Her husband is retired AF and she used to do Relay For Life so we have that in common.

    After I dropped mom off at her house, I came home and ate a bite, changed clothes, and went down for a session on the treadmill. Today's plan called for a 30 min Foundation run - 5 min Zone 1, 20 min Zone 2, 5 min Zone 1. I ran the entire way, really slowly. The Zone 1 runs were at 4.2 mph. For the Zone 2 runs I did 4/1 min intervals of a ladder from 4.3 - 4.5 - 4.4/4.2 mph. The HR was pretty well spot on, so I'm happy with that. Walked 0.7 miles total for warm up and cool down at 3.8 mph and the run was 2.30 miles in 32:08 minutes for a 4.3 mph average pace. I knew it would be slow because I was already hot and tired and hadn't eaten much and probably not drank enough. So, overall, I'm happy with it.

    After cooling and a shower, I got ready and went to a mandatory training at daycare. At least they fed us dinner....Monterey dip and chips from a local Mexican restaurant. Not the healthiest, but it was good and it was free.

    @7lenny7 At least he had time for ice cream. Those goats are cute and that's a great way to get rid of invasive species. Of course, they probably eat the native stuff too. I hope you can figure out how to get more/better sleep. If you do, let me know. I'm having that issue too. Of course, I know mine is simply staying up too late when I could go to bed, if I just would. I have the Merlin App on my phone! I don't think I have the sound ID though. I know you can take a picture and it will ID it for you, if you see it. So, did you every figure out what the crazy bird was? Could it have possibly been a bob cat? They sort of sound like a weird bird sometimes. Cool that you saw so many different woodpeckers. Happy Runniversary. That's awesome mileage. I hope Kody gets along okay this summer. I'm sure he is miserable in the heat.

    Thanks @martaindale .

    Great improvement @yirara !

    Thanks @katharmonic . You are doing great this month. Sometimes it is so hard to find the time to do what you want.

    Oh no @marisap2010 I hope you have a mild case and feel better soon.

    Thanks @shanaber ! I didn't realize you ran in a bird preserve. That is so cool. Love the Osprey. You had a great run yesterday and glad the PT says you are improving as expected. I hope the pain subsides quickly.

    Thanks @kgirlhart ! You're doing great. I'm glad to hear Sunny is still there and doing good. It is funny/interesting where he lives. I wonder how many people even notice.

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    I got drenched on my run this morning. Showers had been forecast but with the wind, it was so sharp on my face. When I stopped and took out my tissue to dry my eyelashes I had to wring it out first. After that it was a good run and the rain definitely made me run faster.

    05/05 3.38 miles
    06/05 3.20 miles
    08/05 3.32 miles
    11/05/3.32 miles

    13.22/30 miles


    Congratulations on your 1 year streak @quilteryoyo and your 7 year Runiversary @7lenny7
    @marisap2010 - hope Covid doesn't hit you too hard
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    Thanks @polskagirl01 . Congrats on being able to run the 5k in under 30 minutes and good luck on your race tonight and the 24 hour race this weekend. Looking forward to the race reports.

    Thanks @Mari33a . Sounds like you had a great run in the rain, except for the wind.
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    @7lenny7 Congrats on your runiversary! It is so hard as pets get older and I'm sure you miss Kody's company on your runs and I'm sure he would love to be there too. I remember when he would go out with you all the time. I'm glad he is still able to have some walks with you.
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    @shanaber Good news from your PT!

    @marisap2010 Oh no! I hope your case is mild and you are up and running again soon.

    @polskagirl01 Good luck on your race this weekend!
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    02.05: 3.20km in 26min 10 stride repeats
    04.05: 6.45km in 57min
    06.05: 3.11km in 24min
    08.05: 4.00km in 31min
    10.05: 3.00km in 22min
    11.05: 4.13km in 35min


    Another *kitten* day. No idea what went wrong, but I got weak and dizzy again. Start was good, and from around 3km all energy was gone. Oh well, there'll be more runs.
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    @eleanorhawkins - we have homeless folks (mostly men) who seem to find 'my' trail a good place to hang out. They keep to themselves and are mostly harmless but I hate it when the go in the trail bathroom and just stay there. Better than doing it in public like your guy but still...

    @martaindale - I don't seem to adjust much to the heat either. Mostly I see it in my HR which goes way up.

    I have Tifosi sunglasses. I tried Goodr and didn't care for them. I think they are fun but they really didn't give me the coverage I wanted. I used to have Smith glasses for narrow faces and when I finally after years needed to replace them they no longer had ones that fit well on my face. REI recommended the Tifosi and my husband got them for me for Christmas one year. When I fell last February the bottom edge of the lens is what cut into my cheekbone when my sunglasses and chin/mouth hit the sidewalk (I am still trying to figure that out!). They got scratched a bit on the lens but didn't shatter or break. I would definitely recommend them too but they are pricey too but I tend to keep/wear them for many years so worth it for me.

    Today I just didn't feel like running though I tried. My legs felt like lead and my arm where I got my booster yesterday is sore and hurting (other arm, not injured arm). I don't know if it was the booster, allergies, the shoes I was wearing or all of the above, but it just wasn't happening so Hobbes and I had a good walk.
    I did see the osprey again! This time going after a crow that wouldn't back down. I wish I could have gotten a shot when the osprey would tuck and roll at it with the talons out. I figured there must be a nest nearby and when we got to the top of the trailhead I realized it was right there on the high nesting box. I have never seen a nest up there so it was pretty cool. Will have to watch now for the babies! Wondering if my Nikon would get better pictures... May have to take it over and see.
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    May Goal: 100 Miles

    5/1: 12.03 miles
    5/2: 2.02 miles
    5/3: 5.05 miles
    5/4: 5.51 miles
    5/5: 5.16 miles
    5/6: 1.51 miles
    5/7: 1.06 miles
    5/8: 8.06 miles
    5/9: 2.03 miles
    5/10: 5.15 miles
    5/11: 6.02 miles

    53.60/100 miles completed for May

    It was another hot morning, but I had a good run. I felt so good I ran 6 miles. It was mostly an uneventful run, but I did see a fox. And I saw Sunny again. And I ran through some water sprinklers.

    I have the merlin bird app on my phone too. We have used it a lot to identify birds and figure out which birds are making which sounds.

    @shanaber That is so neat that you found the osprey nest. I hope you get to see the babies.

    @quilteryoyo I haven't used StoryWorth, but that sounds cool. I hope it turns out the way you imagine it.


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    @quilteryoyo - our daughter got us each a Storyworth subscription for Christmas during the pandemic. It was a great activity for us while we were mostly staying at home. You can answer the questions they send you, pick from a list of questions they have or make up your own. It is all just intended to spur memories and get you thinking. We spent a lot of time researching dates and finding/scanning pictures. Honestly it was a lot of fun and in the end our daughter has 2 books that detail our childhoods, college, when we met and when she was growing up. We would definitely recommend it. That said your mom may need help with it. Our daughter also got it for our friend and her 'grandmother' Hilde. Hilde refused to do it. She was very computer literate and I am sure could have done it on her own but I even offered to transcribe her questions/answers. I only wish we had something like it for our parents. They had so many great stories that were passed down verbally but never captured anywhere. We had even talked about doing audio recordings of my MILs stories before her stroke but never actually did them. ☹️
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    Thanks a lot @quilteryoyo I guess it's part of my muscles or metabolism acting up for some reason. They just do sometimes. I'm born with it and currently trying to give the beast a name. Will likely come down to genetic testing though. Lets see. I won't give up though as I love running.
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    @mmckee1189 Welcome! Jump right in. You’ll find this group very encouraging. Don’t worry about your mileage looking “impressive”. Every one of us started somewhere and we actively encourage people to start out slow to lessen the risk of injury and hopefully nurture a love of running.

    @polskagirl01 Glad you had a good time at your race! The door prizes for your event are way better than any I’ve had an event of mine!!

    @shanaber The osprey is so cool! Hope you feel better today.

    @kgirlhart So cool that you saw a fox! My husband has seen one at our place in the hill country but I have not spotted one yet. I’m headed up there for a couple of weeks in early June so I’ll get several runs in. Maybe I’ll get lucky! Love spotting wildlife on a run!