May 2022 Monthly Running Challenge



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    Got out again this morning for a run and Garmin classed it as a tempo run. In reality at the beginning the wind was so strong I cud hardly run against and when it eased a little I was able to go a little faster.
    05/05 3.38 miles
    06/05 3.20 miles
    08/05 3.32 miles
    11/05 3.32 miles
    12/05 3.32 miles

    16.54/30 miles
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    @shanaber and @quilteryoyo you may have to update the Merlin app to get the sound ID feature. My sister had that issue. When you open the app you should see this:
    Then click on the Sound ID to get this
    Then click the microphone and it will start recording and look something like this:
    The osprey is very cool and those are amazing bird photos for a phone.

    @quilteryoyo I never did figure out what the bird was. If I could find the sound file on my phone I'd see if I could send it Cornell bird labs and see if they can tell me. A bob cat...that would have been pretty cool, and a bit anxious, to see. Maybe that's why it kind of sounded like a cat too. I love the idea that you and your mom took care of all those trees. Way to get out there and get it done! Regarding StoryWorth, my wife bought that for her dad and it was a huge hit. I think it's a fantastic idea, as long as your mom is someone who will put time and effort into the responses. If they're all short answers you may be disappointed. Thankfully my father-in-law loves to talk and tell stories so his book is jam-packed. My wife did have to help him out with it, particularly with adding photos. He loved it so much his brother's kids got it for him too. My FIL is done with the book but I haven't seen the finished printed book. I'll try to remember to ask my wife about it and tell you how it looks

    @polskagirl01 have a great time on your 24 hour run! So this is a solo effort rather than a group effort? Glad you enjoyed your 5K!

    @marisap2010 recover soon!

    @eleanorhawkins that peeing weirdo sounds disgusting. Sorry you had that happen.

    @martaindale I have a couple of pairs of Goodr and I love them for running. Very light, they don't fog up, they don't slip, and reasonably priced. I wish them made them in a wrap-around style though. I like to keep the sun out from the side as well. I'll have to check out that Roka challenge on Strava though. I'm looking for a better quality pair of sunglasses for sailing but one that won't cost a fortune.

    @kgirlhart the thought of a donkey living in a house is pretty funny. I'd try to run past that house often.

    @mmckee1189 welcome! I disagree, I think you're mileage WILL be impressive. You haven't been running in a long time, you're raising tiny minions, bronchitis, gardening...Bravo!! Don't let anyone else's mileage overshadow your awesome accomplishments! You'll find nothing but support here.

    @Scott6255 congrats on the great run! I had no idea you were that old. I thought I was older than you (I'm 55).
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    shanaber wrote: »
    I have Tifosi sunglasses. I tried Goodr and didn't care for them. I think they are fun but they really didn't give me the coverage I wanted. I used to have Smith glasses for narrow faces and when I finally after years needed to replace them they no longer had ones that fit well on my face. REI recommended the Tifosi and my husband got them for me for Christmas one year. When I fell last February the bottom edge of the lens is what cut into my cheekbone when my sunglasses and chin/mouth hit the sidewalk (I am still trying to figure that out!). They got scratched a bit on the lens but didn't shatter or break. I would definitely recommend them too but they are pricey too but I tend to keep/wear them for many years so worth it for me.

    @shanaber those Tifosi sunglasses look reasonably priced and they have the type of style I'm looking for for sailing. Thanks for the tip!

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    @Scott6255 I'm happy to see you had a revelation! I really hope this will help with your injury prevention and keep you running for many years to come. This last year I slowed waaaay down on my easy runs. Like a minute to a minute and a half a mile. It has helped so much with recovery. Your "jog" is basically my easy pace now. It felt really slow when I started doing it but now is much more natural and pleasant.
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    May totals: 42.5/100 miles

    5/2: 3.2 miles
    5/3: 6.6 miles
    5/4: 3.2 miles
    5/5: 3 miles
    5/7: 5.4 miles
    5/9: 3.1 miles
    5/10: 5.4 miles
    5/11: 6.5 miles
    5/13: 6.1 miles

    I took a rest day yesterday instead of climbing as my ankle was a little sore just walking around. Did some ice and aleve and it was fine this morning. So, no harm done.
    Easy miles this morning. With temps slightly cooler (68F) I went out a little faster than intended but reigned it in to keep it easy ahead of my long run tomorrow. It's amazing that a 5-8 degree temp drop takes it from sweaty and gross to kinda nice!
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    @Teresa502 Can't wait to see pics from your AT hike! As a morning runner, I find it so much harder to run after work too. Morning runs just feel easier on the body.
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    @marisap2010 yay, glad you are feeling better!
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    Yikes @kgirlhart that is some big hail and so sad about all the damage!

    @Scott6255 - it sounds like your new method is working well for you! I hope I can find that sweet spot too one of these days!

    We are really hot and dry today. It was hot yesterday when I went out for my run and today is worse. I chose not to run and will get out tomorrow morning instead. It is supposed to be about 10-20 degrees cooler.
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    @kgirlhart That hail is huge!! Your poor plants. I hope your roof is ok.

    @Scott6255 Glad to see your new method is working for you!