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Let Night Shift Users Post Our Food/Exercise Diary in the Morning! **PLEASE READ**

Hollis300 Posts: 59 Member
PLEASE add a feature to the food and exercise diary so users who work at night or the overnight shift can post our food and exercise diaries to our newsfeeds! The diary will only post a short while after midnight.

Some of us are at work late at night (doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, police and ambulance, truckers, retail, etc.) and we don't have time to close the diary. When we get home in the morning, it's too late, so our diary never posts to the newsfeed.

Thank you!
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  • lynnwolf007
    lynnwolf007 Posts: 4 Member
    I worked a graveyard shift for 10 years and totally understand. It's a completely different world of time and schedules.
  • Hollis300
    Hollis300 Posts: 59 Member
    @lynnwolf007 Thanks for your comment!
  • Hollis300
    Hollis300 Posts: 59 Member
    edited May 2022
    Also, those of us who work night shifts have different schedules. Some work from 10 PM to 7 AM, while others work a 12-hour schedule, and other variations.

    Please give us a way to post our diary when we complete it so we can take part in our newsfeed. Right now I can only post it on my nights off.