Women 200lb+, Let's Make June Joyous!!!



  • jerms9
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    Today I managed to do a bridge in pilates class! I don't even care if my weight is up or down, I am so exciting and happy and proud. I knew from my deadlifts and knee raises and ski machine times that my arms and core had gotten stronger and I've been obsessed with how my arms and shoulders look and feel for close to a month now but this little achievement really painted the picture I needed to see how far I've come.

    And this is how my weightloss journey started. It was never about losing weight but about fitness goals. 6 months ago I could not do a bridge, my arms simply couldn't lift even that portion of my weight. Even my head barely managed for a few seconds back then. But today on my first attempt I held for at least 5 seconds and then on my second attempt we were supposed to do 10 seconds but I wasn't counting. It felt like I could hold the position forever. I feel so good right now.

    I'm still gonna keep logging and eating when I'm hungry and staying below maintenance but I feel like I can let go of the pressure that had been building lately. Idk where it came from but I'm glad it's gone.

    Also really great to read about all the NSVs and scale victories today! Great job!

    Congrats on the pilates win! I've been doing it about two months and know how great that feels.
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    @justanotherloser007 WOW! The 150's. So happy for you. :-)