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    It's Friday!!!!

    With my inability to exercise and my days of falling off the wagon over the past 2 weeks I'm probably going to skip weighing in tomorrow and wait until next week. I might change my mind in the morning but I really don't want being sick to affect my mental state by looking at the scale on a rough week. Also, this weekend is going to be full of things so I need to make a plan for going forward.

    Tonight I get to see Brooks & Dunn in concert. My friend's husband was called into work and won't be able to go now so I get his ticket. I'm super excited!!! Then Father's Day is Sunday and my husband's birthday is Monday so we'll be celebrating both of those over the weekend. That will include snacks, a trip for a sub sandwich my husband enjoys, Carvel ice cream cake, etc. I also hope to start walking and slowly trying my elliptical at home this weekend to see how my stamina is going. I know last weekend I needed to lie down after doing dishes and some small straightening up but I feel a lot better today so we shall see.

    I am also going to take a later lunch break today and take a mini nap during that time so that I don't feel like I'm crashing when the concert is starting. No one wants to arrive at a concert just to feel unable to enjoy it.

    Tag Party!

    @CupcakeCrusoe Have a fantastic vacation!!!! I don’t have any recommendations for daycare but that’s horrible. How can they kick you for someone on the waitlist if you’re already in the program? I would be panicking big time.

    @bonniemcc4 Yay for getting that next appointment scheduled so easily! That’s always one of the worst things when they say you need to follow up but make it difficult to do so. Also, are you able to do wi-fi calling from your cell? Or connect your cell number to an Alexa or Google device? I only ask because I had an apartment with HORRIBLE service and I did both of those things. If I was just answering a call I would have my phone on wi-fi calling and if I was calling out I would actually call using my Alexa. Now, I keep my Alexa connected to my phone number so my daughter can call out without needing a home phone in an emergency.

    @sandielewis2001 That’s fabulous! Congrats on being so close to your goal!

    @porquenoirl Buying a house is crazy stressful. Good luck!

    @Inky_one I haven’t heard of the Snack & Glow plate but I love that idea. I should really try that with working from home.

    @JAC581 Good luck on the apartment!!!!

    @finngirl61 I’ll be thinking comforting thoughts for you.
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    JAC581 wrote: »

    Update: We got the apartment!

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    Earlier I realised I'm very close to moving down an obesity category and the numbers are all nice and round so let me share:

    I'm super close to having lost 30lbs and to reach the first minigoal weight I'd have to lose exactly 35lbs. How convenient. My current weight is 275 in American and 125 in Dutch. The other numbers are less pretty so I'll spare you those.

    I love all of these things. I knew my mirror wasn't fooling me even though the scale was! And my back is slowly getting better. Also my bikini still fits, which was a worry because I forgot when I bought it since I never got to wear it. Pools were closed due to the pandemic and we didn't have many warm days that coincided with days off from work.

    I did get badly sunburnt despite using sun cream regularly sooooo... yeah, ouch. And it's all oddly shaped too so yikes.

    @JAC581 yay! Love that you got the apartment!
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    I decided to check the gym scale's accuracy by also stepping on the scale at my mum's and it says the exact same thing so I am happy. And then I had a 1500kcal breakfast.

    Some tmi stuff:
    I feel like eating around maintenance is a lot of food so I was wondering how that could still be less than the waterweight I was carrying from exercise. But I think with the increased food I also increased fiber so I just poop more often now so I'm not carrying much extra food in my body.

    No longer tmi:
    But still, going off the numbers, at one point last week I must've been carrying 4kg extra water. That's crazy to me. That's almost 10 lbs of water weight. Though I guess when you're tall and muscled and fat, it isn't all that much. 10lbs of water weight has to be much worse on a 5 foot nothing skinny person.

    I've lost 13kg/28.6lbs in 20 weeks so I'm on a 650 grams per week pace or 1.34lbs per week on anywhere between 2200 and 2600kcal on average per day measured over the week. The 2200-2400 range is for approx a kg a week, the 2400-2600 range is for approx half a kg per week and both have had good recomp results. So I think after my diet break I will try to eat 2450-2700kcal a day. I think this will be doable if I regularly stock up on ice cream and go out to enjoy the summer weather. I won't be dialling down on exercise after my back goes back to normal so I expect to see larger numbers on the scale again (up to 4kg apparently) until I have another busy week or vacation when I can't train.
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    I wore an old blouse today and the fit is so weird now. It looks like it was made for women with large chests but it's huge around my arms, shoulders and waist too. (Edit for clarity: I'm not one of these large-chested women, it just looks weird on me.) It's only tight around my belly but even then it's much looser than it used to be and I'm experencing some bloating from my period.

    Idk how it got looser around my shoulders since my arms remain unchanged measurement-wise. This diet break is working wonders.

    I couldn't have picked a better time for a diet break. I have so many events this week where I'm not in charge of the food that idk how I would've stayed within my calories. Today is the one day without anything going on and I have trouble planning food beyond 1500cals so I think I'll aim for 2400 today and get in some liquid calories. I already had 100gr of peanut butter straight from the jar yesterday, I'm tired of it.

    I'm also going to try to do the regular workout at the gym today. Instead of rowing, I'll just use the bike but I should be able to backsquat at 60% of my max so 'm hopeful. I do feel my back but usually my pain is extremely hightened while on my period and it doesn't feel that bad.
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    I'm happy when it's pants because usually that means they fit better and if they fit worse it's somehow still okay but when it's a top that gets too big I get angry 😂
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    Also, I saw this article in the WSJ and thought you all might be interested in it. It's about over-exercising and the negative effects it can have.