Women 200lb+, Let's Make June Joyous!!!



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    @seltzer_lover woohoo! That’s awesome!

    @pamperedlinny glad you’re feeling better!

    @Generic_Excuse hope you get the card thing sorted as smoothly as possible.

    @Making_Impossible_Possible Keep moving forward!

    Welcome @lessjess22!
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    Ok, thank you
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    @seltzer_lover nice! I need to research orangetheory to see what your workouts look like, because I'm imagining a cardio circuit training type thing?

    @CupcakeCrusoe Yes!! It's HIIT-style, with 3 stations: treadmill, rower, and the floor/weights. Every day is challenging, the coaches and community at my OTF are AMAZING, and everyone is encouraging. I started there at 300 pounds barely able to power walk and now I'm a jogger and increasing my running speeds regularly, with guidance and support from my coaches. What I really love about the workouts is that they're as challenging or as easy as you make them; there are days that I go and really push hard, and there are days I go where I back off a bit.

    Most studios offer 1 - 2 classes for free to try it.

    PLUS, what you might really like is that we get an emailed summary of every workout, all that workout data is stored in the app, and we regularly do benchmark and signature workouts that show progress. So I can see and track my improvement. Is every benchmark going to be a PR? Eventually, no. But I love being able to see quantifiable progress like that.

    (I also might import all my OTF data into a sheet where I can track my cost per class, my average running pace per month, etc.)


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    @CupcakeCrusoe - It's not at all competitive! I wouldn't have ever felt comfortable going in there at my SW if that was the case. If anything, it's competition with myself. I pay almost zero attention to what anyone else is doing, other than to occasionally commiserate with my neighbor after a tough block.

    They gamify your heart rate response a bit by assigning a range of HR percentages different colors. When you're working >84% of your max HR response, you'll be in orange or red and getting "splat points". I spend a LOT of time below that, in the "green zone" when my HR is between 71 and 84% of my max HR. It's all dependent on your HR and your HR response. You don't even have to wear the HR monitor, although I like to do so because I get my data that way.

    I use them as a gauge, especially when I start thinking it's time to increase my pace a bit. If I start seeing too much green, it's generally time to start bringing a little extra to my pacing.
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    Hi everyone. I have been gone from MFP for a while now and have come back hoping to find a community of support and motivation. THIS June, if i could lose even just 10 lbs the whole month would be a great job well done for me.
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    My weight is no longer stuck!

    I had mandatory bed rest because of my back for 2 days so very little exercise this week and I've been on a diet break eating at my tdee when I do exercise (3100kcal a day) so I might've been in a surplus this week but apparently none of it matters because the scale at the gym showed me 125kg, which is 2kg less than my previous lowest a few weeks ago but I've seen 128 and 129 on the scale last week too. Mad water stuff happening.

    I was sceptical about eating 3K+ cals but it turns out it's very doable if you don't eat a lot of proteine. During my 2500 kcal days I bumped up my proteine to 95-105 average per day whereas at 3100 kcal it's more like 70-80, which is how I used to eat before actively trying to eat more. They're fine amounts for me at goal weight but now I do need a bit more I think.

    I also hit the gym for the first time since monday today and did back-specific exercises but also listening well to my body and not doing anything that hurt more than just standing.

    And the weather is lovely so I took the day off and I'm going to go to the beach.