Just wanted to say "hi"!

Hello everyone!

I just joined and I'm looking forward to getting started. I'm a 33 y/o, night shift ER nurse with over 100 pounds to lose. I'm in SW WI (hello, land of beer and cheese).

Recently, I found out I have some food sensitivities and so I'm on the journey to also help my gut feel happy!

I love making friends and finding supporters and motivators, so please say hi! Any tips or tricks you've found useful with this app, I'd appreciate it!

FR are open to all so we can motivate each other!


  • freadog
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    Hi Shannon, welcome to MFP. I hope you achieve your goals and meet some good friends on the journey.
  • durden
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    Hi @shannonsjourney22 and welcome to our community! Glad to see you're already out there posting a bit and engaging.

    My best newbie trick, from personal experience, is to start simple with just logging your food every day before even necessarily making any changes. Firstly, consistency is HUGE when trying to make a big life change, and your brain is going to fight you every step of the way until it becomes a normal habit.

    Even if you don't change anything in your diet, logging all of your food- And doing it honestly- Is going to make you more aware of what you can change. If you eat too much one day- Well, look at your diary for that day and think about what you could have not eaten, or eaten less of. Don't feel bad if you only make small, manageable changes- All of the most successful people I know [in regards to improving their health] have done so at a very measured pace.

    Hope that helps, and welcome once again to our little corner of the internet!
  • BellaBoosMom3
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    I am new to this, I have about 140lb I need to lose. Have dealt with lots of family loss in the 7 to 10 years. Time to put me first, so I can be here to watch my kids get married and have grandchildren.

    I am from Northwestern WI, and have not figured how to friend people on this app. I am here to encourage, support and keep you accountable and lift you up. I also have some medical issues that will make this a bit of a challenge. But I have done this before but when I was younger.

    Feel free to send friend request. It is so much easier to do this with friends. We can do this and we can do it together.
  • shellyc7182
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    I've sent a request! Best of luck to you!