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Diabetic Test Log

It is really important to users with diabetes to log their blood sugar tests. Apple has an app that interfaces with Withing's but I cannot find any that work work with an Android phone or tablet. If you can add this logging capability and send it to Withing's, the health record in there would be much more complete!
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  • Nova
    Nova Posts: 9,890 MFP Staff
    Thank you for your suggestion! We do have some features, which allow you to track your blood sugar levels.

    You can record your blood sugar levels in the measurement section. This section is only designed for a single measurement per day so we recommend creating a different measurement category for each time you check your blood sugar levels. For example, Blood Sugar Check 1, Blood Sugar Check 2, etc. More information on tracking additional measurements is available here.

    Additionally, you can also track your blood sugar levels or insulin injections, or add any additional information with our notes section.

    If you have specific dietary needs, you can set your own nutritional goals for calories, carbs, fat, and any other nutrient that we track.