Hello Everyone!

Hi All!

Its been a short while since I last used MFP but recently started with a new Coach who is going to be seeing me through to my first NPC Wellness Bodybuilding show.

I have previously competed in the Bikini class but would like to build more strength and muscle and ultimately grow into a 'bigger' division - so that's the current goal.

My day job is as an Accountant so fitness isn't my entire life day to day so will be sharing how I manage that also.

I am currently tracking macros for the 'off season' and have just started week 2 so would love to link up with anyone of similar fitness journeys or anyone interested in Bodybuilding or that have any questions :)

- Bekki


  • graceburton1
    graceburton1 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi Bekki.. just stumbled across this today whilst using MFP online.. not something i do alot mostly app. It caught my eye because I am on the same fitness journey but for Figure - no association or show decided yet still a work in progress for 2023 season, building currently, begin prep Dec'22. Also not the day job I am an analyst by day but loving the BB journey! Always on the watch for new and seasoned competitors for motivation, inspiration and likeminded people! :-) I hope youre journey is going well!
    I_AM_ISRAEL Posts: 160 Member
    Hi Bekki! That’s awesome! I’ll be doing my first show come March 2023! Wishing you the best in your goals! Stay strong 💪🏼