Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 194



  • pezhed
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    @deepwoodslady sending you all kinds of good vibes and thoughts for your surgery on Monday. Hoping all goes smoothly and you come out healthier on the other side. Glad they caught the blockages when they did.
  • quiltingjaine
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    @deepwoodslady thinking of and praying for you and a speedy recovery! ❤️‍🩹
  • jaccimc63
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    @deepwoodslady - Donna, I'll be thinking of you all weekend and hoping for a good outcome on Monday. Sending big hugs to you and your family.
  • KayHBE
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    @deepwoodslady Thinking of you, wishing you well on your surgery!! Do take care.
  • musicsax
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    @deepwoodslady - wow! so much to take in, but you are in the hands of experts and you must trust and listen to them, you will be in my thoughts and I look forward to hearing from you later next week, but please do not feel any pressure, your health is of the the ultimate imprtance, <3 x
  • musicsax
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    @schmoyew - so exciting !! Hope all goes well with your new little bundle of joy's entry into the world. Can't wait to hear the good news xx
  • SheilaBoneham
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    @deepwoodslady Thinking of you and hoping for all positive outcomes.
  • melaniecheeks
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    Oh this is the perfect thread for me! Just back from a wonderful holiday in France, but I know have 10 days before I go to a week long dance course, and I need to be able to fit into a few more frocks!

    My weight is in kilos by the way.

    F 60 5 foot 2
    SW: 80
    7/26 79.1, I know that's now much but keeping accountable and recording every morning will be a good habit. Went to Legs Bums and Tums class, no alcohol!
    7/27. 78.4 Did Joe Wicks HIIT and went to running training
    7/28 78.2 - thought would be tough, but husband wasnt away. Slept well
    7/29 78.2 proud of myself for keeping off the booze. On a boat trip today, the food will be outside my control
    7/30 78.6 so bloated and uncomfortable this morning! Sandwich and biscuits yesterday, and not enough water or walking.