Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 194



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    KayHBE wrote: »
    SW - 212 Jan. 25. I'm 5'6"
    1st Goal - 199 ✅
    2nd Goal - 179 ✅
    3rd Goal - 175 ✅
    4th Goal - 165.9 ✅
    5th Goal - 159.9
    UG - 149.9

    Step Goal 50,000 at some point ✅ 57,640 🏆
    New Step Goal 60,000? - In the Fall or next Spring.

    7/25 - 162*

    Day/Weight/Steps/Active Minutes/Comment

    07/26 - 161.3 -18,600/124. It's pretty warm here for here lol. I cooked some salmon for dinner in the airfryer, so nice to have for summer cooking but the heat has suppressed my hunger. I did eat my calories but didn't feel hungry, it's kinda weird. Sleep seemed good but my eyes seem tired this morning, could be the struggle I had with one of my contacts getting stuck in my eyelid! Have a wonderful day all!
    07/27 - 159.8 - 22,000/138. Not sure where that drop came from. It's been really warm here so possible just water loss. Someone brought in my absolute favorite dessert from a local restaurant and I ate most of my piece, so good! Wasn't sure how to calculate the calories, might have over estimated but I wasn't super hungry and did have a good dinner. Will see how these 10 days and the weather go and I might up my calories again. Had a terrible sleep, will be a long day.

    07/28 - 159.6 - 24,295/155. Had a late night snack as after getting ready for bed I looked at my diary and thought that my calories were 'kinda low. Had some fruit and a tiny chocox treat I got from Costco. Glad it didn't effect my sleep. I'm 52 today and will celebrate with my Parents as SO is out of town working and my boys are at a music festival and the step girls and grands live out of town. Sushi and cake, scale will jump in the morning, but it's ok I'm gonna get right back!! Not sure how walks and steps will go but I should even it out on the weekend unless SO makes it home! You can help me celebrate by not being too hard on yourselves or adding a few extra steps today!!

    07/29 -
    07/30 -
    07/31 -
    08/01 -
    08/02 -
    08/03 -
    08/04 -

    Have a brilliant birthday, enjoy the time with your parents, will do some steps for you x
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    @ashleycarole86 enjoy the time left to make lasting memories with your loved ones & give yourself some grace. You are a champ & you‘ve got this!