Post gastric sleeve surgery and this is it

Hi! My name is Jacki and I’ve tried EVERY diet/weight loss plan under the sun only to gain it back and then some with each attempt. Being over 300 pounds for about 10 years has really deteriorated my health. I felt I had to do something or I wasn’t going to live another 10 years tops (I’m 51), so I just had the gastric sleeve surgery on 8/24/22 and let me tell you, it is NOT the easy way out. Just the opposite. It’s the FINAL chance to get it right. I’ve been super committed to track everything both food and vital signs and have totally changed the way I live my life. I put myself on a STRICT routine. Everything has an alarm on it now. When I get up, treadmill, breakfast/lunch/dinner routines, snacks, winding down for the night, taking meds, and going to bed. I eat (well, drink - still on liquid phase until 9/9) at the dining room table for every meal. I don’t keep a table full of things next to me so I have to get up and get whatever it is I want. When I go get my prescriptions, I don’t go through the drive thru anymore - I get out and go in and the pharmacy is way in the back and I wander a little before I head there for my prescriptions. I also plan on sticking with this strict of a routine when I go back to work, I tried making my meal times before or after the usual planned-routine meetings. Yesterday, I got in over 4,000 steps over 1.75 miles. Slowly building up to 10,000 steps, roughly 5 miles a day. Probably WAY more info than you’d ever want to read about someone, but if you’re still reading, I sure could use some friends. I am a Customer Service Manager for a luxury retailer and have been working from home for almost 15 years-which is how I got into such a terrible condition in the first place and why I don’t have any friends, besides my husband of 20 years, well that and the fact that I relocated from Indiana to Texas 22 years ago and just couldn’t sustain long distance friends when I don’t even use Facebook or any social media like Instagram, Snapchat, twitter, etc. I hope to hear from some of you and wish ALL of you much success in achieving your goals!


  • staceylouise09
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    Hey, I had gastric sleeve surgery in March. I know how tough it can be and it’s definitely not the easy way out!
    Good luck on your journey :)
  • Jacki916W
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    Hi! Thanks so much for the reply! Would love to hear more about you and I’m always up for a new friend! Jacki916W
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    My doctor has just suggested I should consider weight loss surgury for health reasons. I've gained roughly 80lbs in the last 6 years due to some physical injuries and now my weight is beginning to cause more severe health problems. I've always been active and have had to diet off and on but over the last 6 years I've become more seditary and now I'm faced with this huge weight problem.
    At this point do you have any advise or recommendations?
    Keep working hard and achieve your goals.