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The ‘food’ industry started the ‘exercise’ industry.

Conspiracy theories are everywhere. I recently heard this one: “The food industry started the exercise industry to move the focus away from the ‘food’ being the source of the weight gain and increasingly poor health of Americans.

What do you think?

The ‘food’ industry started the ‘exercise’ industry. 12 votes

Hogwash — the exercise industry was started by Jane Fonda
glassyoninerbuffkshama2001comradelemonclaireychn074Dante_80casglas 7 votes
Interesting idea — I can see how it could be possible
jst1986TakeTheLongWayHome 2 votes
Perhaps true but not intentional
thegreatcoyote15822roguewren 3 votes
Wouldn’t put it past them
Completely believe it is true


  • neanderthin
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    We've been exercising longer than the general population has been intravenously taking in calories according to the guidelines set by the food gods. lol, cheers.
  • SuzySunshine99
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    Haha, that's a fun one.
    No...I don't think there's a direct connection, but there is a correlation.

    The tactics of the food industry are a factor (I don't believe the sole cause) in the dramatic rise in obesity rates.

    The exercise industry pounced on the obesity epidemic and tried to convince people that all they need is expensive equipment, gym memberships, and fashionable exercise attire to lose those extra pounds.

    To address the comment by @neanderthin, yes, humans have been exercising longer than obesity has been a major problem. BUT, the phenomenon of corporate giant fitness centers, $2,000 tread mills, and boutique stores dedicated to workout fashion are a relatively new development. The OP is referencing the fitness INDUSTRY, not just individuals who participate in fitness activities.
  • glassyo
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    Hogwash — the exercise industry was started by Jane Fonda
    I have nothing to say other than Jane Fonda and her leg warmers. 😀
  • claireychn074
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    Hogwash — the exercise industry was started by Jane Fonda
    Actually I think exercise and the exercise industry are two different things, but Jane Fonda rocks so I had to vote for her! (Especially the IG post where she slept in her evening dress after an awards show as she couldn’t undo it 🤣)
  • 15822
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    Perhaps true but not intentional
    Food industry is fully embracing the weight loss industry - 'low fat' foods that are full of sugar, 'protein bars' that are basically cereal bars with some nuts in them, 'diet- ' everything, 'electrolyte' sports drinks or you'll fold over and die after your powerwalk. McDonalds sponsoring the Olympics... They hardly need to shift the focus to exercise to profit.
  • 15822
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    Perhaps true but not intentional
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    If you look at the stats, all you need (on a population average level) to explain the obesity epidemic over these decades is an excess of in the low hundreds of calories per day per person. That's not a huge amount of additional eating, or subtraction of activity. It adds up, year by year, decade by decade.
    I became obese during the combination of COVID lockdowns, finishing my bachelors degree and getting diagnosed with arthritis that left me bed bound for almost 2 months. I wasn't really surprised. I was however shocked to figure out I gained weight at the rate of about 7 grams (let's assume of pure fat) per day over the last few years. That's the calorie (63) equivalent of one small apple per day.

  • NorthCascades
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    Ghosts always look like they’re hiding in pictures because if they get caught they Die 2.0 & they don’t know what happens the 2nd time.
  • ninerbuff
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    Hogwash — the exercise industry was started by Jane Fonda
    Both the food and fitness industry try to appeal to consumers by giving them what they think they want. They can feed off each other, but both have the same goal.............get consumers to spend money on everything they offer.

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  • kshama2001
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    Hogwash — the exercise industry was started by Jane Fonda
    I voted for "Hogwash" even though the exercise industry has been around a lot longer than Jane Fonda.

    However, it is indisputable that some food conglomerates have certainly tried to shift the blame for obesity from their products to consumers' lack of exercise.