Very Discouraged - Send help!

This is going to sound dumb probably but I'm on Day 10 of my new 28 day diet (paid for and custom to me) and Day 12 of my 30 day exercise plan.

I weighed in today for the first time in 12 days and lost only 1lb while I was projected to lose a MINIMUM of 1.5 and more likely 2.5lb during that time period. It was super discouraging so my next thought was "dont panic, take your measurements instead". Well turns out my measurements havent changed at ALL anywhere on my body.

I am so discouraged 😞 👎 Obviously change doesn't happen overnight but after nearly 2 weeks I was hoping to see a little bit more to keep me going.

I could really use some encouragement and/or advice!


  • charlaspies4541
    I am beginning week 4 and successfully lost my ten pounds, however last night I was back up 8 pounds. I have decided to weigh myself first thing in the morning from this point on. This morning, I am only up 3 😁 It's madness!

    I chalk it up to increasing protein macro and losing track of just how much water I actually drink in a day. I swear I am a fish. But, water causes bloating and/or retention which each can contribute to a fluctuation of 5lbs in one day! I am shocked. First thing, no more 12oz coffees. I must return to 8-10oz. I will try to drink water around my high protein meals and after sweating at the gym and walking. I have a garmin watch and it approximates my water loss to sweat..yep, madness.

    My point. We are so in this together and it will make us discouraged. Our journey is the rest of our lives. I am 46 and looking for meaningful changes. I will friend you Oct 1 when I reactivate premium if you like.