How else are you improving your health?

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I consider weight loss to be just one part of an overall push I’m making to become healthier and feel better, especially since I know I’m genetically predisposed to a variety of nasty diseases. I’m doing the straightforward: increasing my vegetable consumption, decreasing my sugar and simple carb intake, dedicating time to exercise and movement, and drinking a set amount of water each day. However, I’ve also been trying to collect additional small habits that can improve my wellbeing, for example:

• Getting up when my alarm goes off
• Flossing twice a day
• Using teeth-whitening mouthwash
• Implementing a morning and evening skincare routine
• Getting up from my desk/couch and stretching every 30 minutes
• Making my lunch the night before (then I don't feel rushed in the morning and I won't make excuses to buy lunch)
• Going to bed by 10pm

I figure that combining all of these efforts together, even if imperfectly, will help me achieve the wellbeing and, consequently, weight loss I’m after.

Do you do anything to complement your weight loss efforts in the pursuit of feeling good and healthy?


  • littlegreenparrot1
    As well as those things you've mentioned - I pay attention to how I'm feeling.

    So if I need a rest I have one, that way I'll bounce right back to normal again. Wheras if I ignore it I feel more rubbish and for longer than if I had just done it in the first place.

    It's important to be honest with oneself though, I can't really be bothered is not the same as I really need a rest day :D
  • AnnPT77
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    Working to create a social context where others share similar goals, and support me in my goals. My rowing club friends are a part of that, and friends I made at the Y. Staying involved in the MFP Community is a thing that has similar benefits for me, though in the virtual world rather than the physical one.