Bored and eating

If I'm sitting around watching TV, I will snack on anything I have in the house that is bad and avoid the healthy choices available 😪
I would like to hear some opions on how to change my mindset 🤔?


  • musicfan68
    musicfan68 Posts: 1,127 Member
    Don't keep the stuff that you can't control eating, in the house. I don't keep any chips, cookies or any snack food really, otherwise I would just mindlessly eat them.
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 9,474 Member
    Find something you enjoy doing. Exercise, go on a walk, explore your neighbourhood and take photos of anything that looks interesting, find a club that interests you, whatever. You don't need to sit in front of the telly and be bored.
  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,959 Member
    Can you take up a hobby that keeps your hands busy? Crochet, knitting etc?