Seeking Friends Over 50 - Fitness Motivation and Support

Hi folks, and Happy Holidays. I am new both to this group and MyFitnessPal in general. I am 55 years old and a seafood lover; avid walker (with our dog); mountain hiker and kayaker. I'm a health care professional and consider myself healthy and in reasonably good shape, BUT admittedly can lose 50 pounds and be much healthier for it.

For 2023 I am trying to adopt a healthier "lifestyle routine" and that in itself can be a real challenge, mainly with breaking old habits after years and years of routine (like eating while watching TV in the evenings).

Intermittent Fasting seems to be both well researched and a great option for lifelong weight maintenance - I like the 5:2 version, but was thinking of a combo - I'd use MFP's new Intermittent Fasting feature and adopt a 16:8 IF habit along with the 5:2! Nutritionally it looks like I can meet all my requirements - as I tend to eat nutrient dense whole foods/ chicken / eggs / and seafoods - plus the 5:2 option allows autophagy to truly kick-in and provide all it's wonderful metabolic cellular benefits.

Although I used to bodybuild in my 20's and 30's, I'm no longer into "hitting the gym" and plan to incorporate a home based bodyweight calisthenics oriented workout routine, along with daily walks / hikes with my dog and kayaking / ocean swimming when the weather gets warmer.

Would LOVE to find a mentor and several like-minded MFP friends to help assist me along the way.