Women 200lb+, Let's Flourish This February!!!



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    Hi, guys.

    Tahitig will enjoy the parades this week and one (1!) piece of delicious King cake on Mardi Gras, which she will log on MFP and adjust her calories accordingly. What my family and friends do not eat of it will be chucked down the kitchen sink and ground into oblivion -- I hate to waste food, but having that around is not an option! If you've never had King cake this time of year, it's like the best cinnamon roll ever, sometimes with a cream cheese, raspberry, or caramel filling, and always glazed and sprinkled with green, gold, and purple sugar - the colors of the season. Happy Mardi Gras, everyone! ⚜️ 🎭 🎉

    @RavenStCloud- Your routine should fall back into place now that you can get back into the pool, and the pounds will come off in their time - just glad you're feeling better! 🏊

    @sandielewis2001 - Goat yoga 🐐🐐🐐 looks like the most fun, and so cute! Also, what brand are those great-looking yoga pants that you're wearing - mind sharing that info? The color is lovely, they flatter, and they are nicer looking than many of the brands I've seen or worn. And, there's just no place like Half Moon Bay, is there?!

    @serenecompassion2663 - You're a boss for giving yourself that shot! 💪 It'll get easier, and a good friend of mine has lost 50+ pounds with Ozempic this past year and has kept diabetes at bay. It works. You're on the road to success, and count yourself fortunate that your insurance covers it!

    @pamperedlinny - Sending you a hug for being there for your family during a stressful week AND still knocking on Onederland's door!

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    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    My husband was thoughtful enough to ask me if I still wanted me traditional chocolate covered strawberries today. I told him only if they are plain ones (no extra nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc) and if he kept it to 6. I didn't want the expense of Sherri's Berries or anything either. Just something fun that I could indulge without it being over 100 calories per berry. He went out to Publix, placed an order for this morning and brought home a dozen. Six for me and six for our daughter.

    I love that he asked. I know it takes away the surprise but, when it comes to special foods where I might not have any real self control, the asking makes me realize he is paying attention and wants to only do what will make me happiest. He also brought me home flowers and a funny card that really does sound like us. Real, every day love is more than one holiday. It's the inside jokes, the understanding and the compromises.

    In other news, I got a card with a free class to Intro To Pole at the local Pole Exercise and Dance studio. It's about 20 to 30 minutes from my house but near the local mall... so close enough I'll do the free class but not so close that I would make it my new routine. I'm thinking I need to find a few brave friends to try it with me. I was given 3 cards and a couple friends I was with also got a couple. You can only use one free class but can give the others out to your friends. Was it @CupcakeCrusoe who was doing the pole dance excercises? Have any of you tried it before? I want some insight before I book my free class.

    @tahitig I hate food waste too! It drives me crazy when there is super tasty stuff that I know is going to end up going to waste but I also know if I keep it nearby I'll eat all of it myself. The number of things I pass off to my daughter and her friends or the neighborhood kids just so I don't waste it is crazy and there are still a number of items that end up trashed. I hate that so much.

    @serenecompassion2663 I had to do insulin shots when I was pregnant and ended up begging my husband to give me the shot while I looked away. You are a rock star doing your own shots. I sincerely hope it works! I know multiple people say that drug works wonders for their diabetes.

    @RavenStCloud YOU ARE BACK AT THE POOL!!! I'm so happy for you. Those 5 lbs will fall away once you are back in your routine. You got this.
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    Happy Valentine's Day All!

    @pamperedlinny - It is so amazing that your husband is thoughtful of your health. Supportive partners make this journey so much easier!

    @tahitig - Great job setting boundaries for king cake. I have so much trouble with self control around sweets. The yoga pants are yogalicious lux brand and likely came from Marshalls, TJMaxx or Ross. They are actually fleece lined so they are a bit thicker than normal and so warm! Perfect for goat yoga along the cool CA coast.

    @RavenStCloud - I am so happy that you are able to get back into the pool! I am a fair weather friend at my gym pool and look forward to getting back in when it warms up around here.

    @serenecompassion2663 - I really hope the Ozempic works for you and supports you while you learn new healthy habits. You are braver than me in giving yourself the shot. I don't think I could ever do that!

    Tonight the wife and I are continuing our tradition of spending valentine's day at a local dive. Fancy restaurants and flowers are for monthly date nights when it is not so busy. I think this tradition started on our first valentine's day together when we were planning a fancy dinner at home but had a water line break behind the fridge. We took care of the issue and went to the nearest locals bar because we were too worn out to do anything fancy. The habit stuck and now it is our tradition. We usually try a new place each year so we never quite know what to expect. I ate pretty light so far today so I have room in the calorie budget for a beer and whatever bar food they have at our nearby dive.
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    Good morning all!

    I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday. I had a great day and stayed in my boundaries... even with the chocolate strawberries in the house. I made us homemade pizzas on Joseph pitas last night for dinner and they were really good.

    I also got my bi-weekly recipe blog posted yesterday and started on the recipe I want to post in two weeks. Getting ahead on the recipes makes me so happy. I don't even know why. If you want the recipe for creamy pesto dip with only 23 calories for 2 tbsp I posted it at https://www.healthyeatingwithlinda.com/post/creamy-red-pesto-dip

    @sandielewis2001 I love your tradition. Our tradition is small gifts (chocolate covered strawberries for me and flowers, some chocolate and usually a little funny thing for him) but not to go out on the actual holiday. We do go out but it's usually the day before, the weekend after, etc. Something when it isn't crazy busy and usually a place we all, including our daughter, can agree upon. It could be a local chain, a small mom and pop or something nicer but it's usually mexican or italian... that way we really all can agree.
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    Hello all!
    I had a fun day yesterday. My bestie picked me up to go to lunch yesterday....just a little sandwich/salad place around the corner. We finished our lunch quickly and the chairs were hurting me (Can't sit up long due to hip pain). So we decided to go find a drvie thru coffee place. Of course it turned into a Lucy and Ethel episode with me directing her to a small independent place and then we got stuck in not the best location. But it was fun to get out and laugh and do normal stuff. I forgot to ask for my latte with low fat milk but it was worth the extra calories. My husband and I have a weird tradition of going to Waffle House on Valentine's....it's funny to us! Who needs fancy? 😁 But we went to plan B when we were invited to heart shaped pizza night with our youngest grandkids. Love is having a 2 and 4 year old run and throw themselves at you when you arrive! Best Valentine's ever!

    @pamperedlinny - Sounds like you got a sweet hubby! I've never seen red pesto sauce. Is it made from tomatoes or peppers? Hope your husband continues feeling ok and you are finding your balance again.

    @serenecompassion2663 - I hear good things about the Ozempic. I was prescribed Mounjaro and it is very helpful. I have come to see obesity as an illness rather than a weakness of character/willpower/knowledge. It has helped me to be more loving toward myself.

    @RavenStCloud - Yay for being back in the pool! That is where I have the most mobility. Can't wait for warmer weather.

    @tahitig - LOVE the baby goat pics! We have a farm near me that will bring them out for yoga classes. Not nearly as scenic as Half Moon Bay though.

    @sandielewis2001 - I like your tradition as well. Maybe we will upgrade from the Waffle House next year.

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    Hey @AmberlyMarlene, welcome to the party! Super Bowl and Valentine's were definitely a double whammy! You can get back on track; you've made a great start!
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    Hi @nyxxie2509, Welcome! Sounds like a tough start to the year and I'm sorry for your loss. I hope taking care of yourself helps you as it sounds like you take great care of others.
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    Age: 40
    Height 5'10"
    SW Jan 7 2021: 271.1
    SW Jan 1 2023: 192.6
    GW this month: 189
    Goal for 2023: Reach Maintenance (likely 165-175)

    Thursday weigh-ins
    2/2 - 196
    2/9 - 195.4
    2/16 - 195.6
    2/23 -

    Feb Change: +3lbs
    2023 Change: +3lbs
    Loss to date: -75.5lbs

    Yesterday there were too many sweets in the office and I didn't do so well at avoiding them. I am glad I only go in one day a week. It allows be to get back on track immediately. I got up and went to the gym this morning for cardio and weights and ate my normal breakfast so right back on track.

    @nyxxie2509 - Welcome to the group. I am so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I bet he would be really proud of your positive outlook and solid goals.

    @AmberlyMarlene - Welcome to the group. I find that setting reasonable goals has really helped me be successful. I like your goal of starting and sticking to exercise. I started with just walking in the morning before work. It was relaxing and gave me time to get in the right mindset for my day. I encourage you to try to find something you truly enjoy so you want to stick with it.

    @pdd1216 - I love that you had a great day with your bestie! It sounded like so much fun!

    @pamperedlinny - Great recipe on your blog! I always appreciate your posts.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend. I know we will be continuing to work on breaking down and splitting the downed trees in our yard so hopefully will burn some extra calories and get my weight moving in the right direction again.
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    HW: 289
    SW: 282.4 (April 2022)
    CW: 251.4
    GW: 155

    Morning/Afternoon everyone...glad everyone was able to find ways to celebrate Valentines. Hubby works in the pizza business so it's all hands on deck that night, so we had a lunch date instead. Went to Olive Garden. I tracked everything and still remained in my calories for the day. I've been better at tracking this week and have lost the weight I had gained back last week and a little more. Not sure if I will reach my February goal of losing 5lbs, but hoping to get out of the 250s into the 240s!

    Fighting a sore throat here, so skipped choir practice last night and did an extra martial arts class instead. Sneaking in some extra walking in place time at work when I can too. 🚶‍♀️
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    tahitig wrote: »

    @swimmom_1: Hey, welcome back! You usually make lightning progress when you set your mind to it, so I'll be sure to watch -- it's motivating!

    Thank you so MUCH for the encouragement!
    I think I'm starting to get my head in the right mindset again. I'm seeing some downward movement on the scale again and my will power seems to be increasing too! Tahiti is a great way for you to celebrate when you get to your goal. I've never been there. But loved when I was in Oahu, Hawaii twice and doing the Tahitian Hip Shake dance with the girls at the Polynesian Culture Center and learning about their culture.

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    Hey all!

    Yesterday I perfected the recipe that will be on the blog in two weeks. Aside from my reguarl work day stuff I didn't really get anything else accomplished. I didn't get to the gym or do my walk or anything. However, I have officially had every single day between 1100 to 1800 calories (averaging about 1500) since January 1. I think this is the longest I've ever gone without a single day outside my calorie range. It doesn't even matter than I've been up and down and working on myself for years but I always have an event or make an excuse at least once a month. The bible study I've done must have really started to make an impact because just getting to the top of my range in a day has me checking myself and asking myself if I really want whatever it is or if I'm bored, anxious, excited, sad, etc.

    This weekend doesn't have any big events. I might join friends at a Friends themed Trivia Night and we're going to go to a restaurant for our belated Valentine meal. That is the sum total of the weekend plans. We gear up with a million things again next weekend so I'm going to enjoy all of the down time I can find this weekend.

    @pdd1216 I love Lucy and Ethel type outings. They make the best stories later. The red pesto sauce is made from sun dried tomatoes.

    @AmberlyMarlene Welcome!!! We’re so glad you’re here! Super bowl and Valentine’s back to back was hard on a log of people. We are going to actually go out for our special meal this weekend (we never go out for actual Valentine’s Day). I’m still trying to come up with a plan.

    @nyxxie2509 Welcome!!! I’m sorry to hear about your January. That’s great about the house though. Not having a mortgage or rent payment takes a lot of pressure off.

    @sandielewis2001 One thing I’ve found working from home is I’m not tempted by all the snacks in the office kitchen. Not that I’m never tempted by things at home but I can tell myself those will be there later if I really want them but at the office I know it’s get it or miss out and so the temptation is greater. Thanks for the feedback. I always wonder if anyone actually reads them. 🙈

    @kelliward1 Sorry about the sore throat. Great job staying in your calories at Olive Garden!
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    pdd1216 wrote: »
    Hi @nyxxie2509, Welcome! Sounds like a tough start to the year and I'm sorry for your loss. I hope taking care of yourself helps you as it sounds like you take great care of others.

    Thank you! He will be missed greatly, but I do take pride in taking care of his dear Gladys. And yes, taking care of myself has been healing.
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    Hi to everyone. I had trouble getting into this section of MFP for ages, but today the computer let me in.I started February at my December weight, which was actually an achievement, after January. I do seem to be on a plateau. So I decided to have a small target.. so I want to get under 97 kilos by the end of February, currently I am 97.5, so that is achievable( about a pound) . I’ve just caught up with everyone, I have missed you all, even though I’m English and lots of the food, restaurants and places you describe are a mystery to me.
    I have properly got back into swimming, going most weekdays, and it has been good for me mentally and physically. Hubby and I are getting our house back this weekend with both the teen and 20 something away, so that is exciting. We are going to clean out the shed, but he doesn't know that yet!
    Still no news about my hip operation, but I’m trying to tell myself that’s a good thing, as I have more time to get out of obese and into overweight. 11.5 kilos to go,yay.
    I have noticed that I am just stopping if I am not enjoying food, and that feels like a really positive and new thing, even if the scales are still high. Also some clothes are definitely baggy, and I’m still faithfully logging. Trying to stay positive.
  • serenecompassion2663
    Hello everyone!

    No numbers yet, as I see my dietitian on Monday, and choose to only track one scale’s progress, not two. The scale at the Bariatric Institute gives all kinds of extra information about my body composition, but for my personal records, I will track my progress with my dietitian’s scale.

    So. Ozempic.

    It has side effects, which I’m happy to say only lasted a day for me. Headache, nausea, and couldn’t keep food down on Tuesday.
    We’ll see how my body reacts this week. Laurel assures me it’s temporary.

    I have discovered two beautiful things about this medication already:

    —I said in a previous post that I wasn’t hungry in the evening the day I took the shot. This gave me the awareness that when I started munching on brownies at a meeting that *I was emotionally eating.* By the end of the meeting I was able to identify the underlying emotion and trigger, and resolve it.

    —When I am hungry, because I am on a 1200 calorie plan, I must *make my food choices mindfully* based on nutrition rather than grab and go. If I skip a meal, the hunger pangs are fierce and it is better for my body to either a) plan three 400 cal meals and push water in between or b) plan on a light mid morning and afternoon snack. Laurel suggested increasing my protein, and eating the protein source first when sitting down to a meal. So high protein vegetarian sources will be a topic of discussion with Jenny (my dietitian) on Monday.

    Laurel also suggested I start resistance training to build muscle mass and thus change my metabolism.

    I’m forming my goals in my head. I will post them Monday or Tuesday.

    BTW: I’ve lost an inch off my hips in the last month.😁

    Creatively, I’ve started coloring again, and socially I plan to go to a movie Monday, and hang out with a group of friends Sunday who are going bowling.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!!

    Andi in Illinois
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    My name is Mary, 65 from Pennsylvania.
    Been MIA for a few months but still logging in everyday since I started MFP 5/14/21.

    Unfortunately lost my mojo and gained a lot back but not all Thank God! Need to get back on track and focused. I bought a NEW to me, gently used, Commercial PreCor EFX 835 Elliptical. It was delivered the beginning of November, as others here know I wore my previous 10+ year old one out from my extensive workouts. Back up to 150 minutes on my 3 days off per week.

    Good to see some familiar names here and glad to see some new ones too!

    Heaviest weight 255 lbs, twice. :-(
    9/14/20-255 lbs
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs
    4/6/22- 147.6 lbs (107.4 lbs lost) I did NOT have a surgery. Did Keto.
    8/1/22- 167.2 lbs
    12/1/22-198 lbs
    1/1/23- 213.4 lbs

    2/1/23- 207.4 lbs
    2/5/23- 207.8 lbs
    2/12/23- 206.4 lbs Elliptical Interval setting 150 minutes Fri, Sat & Sun for 9.89-10 miles.
    2/19/23- 201.8 lbs Elliptical Interval setting 150 minutes Fri-9.91 & Sun-10.0 miles.
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    40 years old
    SW: 300 lb
    Prev Low: 195 lb
    Goal: 180 lb
    Feb 1: 206.8 lb
    Feb 6: 206.2 lb
    Feb 12: 201.4 lb
    Feb 20: 201.4 lb

    I noticed my weight stalled the past week. I guess when I had that stress of my husband at the hospital I dropped a full 5 lbs in a week and my body is still evening out.

    On Saturday we had our belated Valentine's meal out. We NEVER go out on actual Valentine's Day. Always a few days before or after. All three of us (myself, husband and daughter) decided to go out together to Chili's. We hadn't been to a Chili's restaurant in a few years and it used to be one of our favorite chains. It was delicious and I actually stuck to my limits. I pulled out about 1/4 of the chips so I wouldn't keep dipping into the basket, I ordered the Ancho Salmon plate with Mexican rice and broccoli, I only ate half the rice, drank water. It was also really nice to have family time that way. When I'm not cooking, worrying about the dishes, etc. Just for us to sit and joke and enjoy.

    I've now managed from January 1 through now without having a single day over my calorie settings. Even with birthdays, out of town excursions, get togethers, gatherings, trivia nights, movie nights, etc. I've been doing really well with making a plan when I know there will be things I our of the every day. Whether it's movie popcorn, cake, adult beverages or whatever. I have a tiny sliver if or a child portion if I really want something. I eat very light until the event so I have plenty of calories. I'm sure I'll slip at some point and I know I'll have to start that count again one day but right now I'm really excited to say I've made it all of January and 20 days into February without having a single day going crazy.

    @sandramarshall200 Swimming is such great exercise. Great job stopping if you aren’t enjoying your food. That’s a really hard one for me.

    @swimmom_1 I need those cough drops.

    @serenecompassion2663 I love that you were able to identify your triggers and that you are coming up with a plan. You are doing amazing!