Women 200lb+, Let's Flourish This February!!!



  • serenecompassion2663

    SW: 235
    01-24: 232.8
    02-20: 229.8
    GW: 150

    Yes!!! It’s working!!!

    I’m finding that irritation is as much a trigger for my emotional eating as fear is. I did not succeed in driving off emotional eating today. I went to Pizza Hut and had 4 pieces of thin crust Veggie Lovers pizza. And a Whitman chocolates box of candy. I chose to be grumpy and isolated yesterday, and it hung on today, even though I was trying to reset myself. Irritated and impatient. Hopefully some journaling and adult coloring and some recovery meetings tonight will help.

    Goals for the next month:
    🔹track food: 1200 calories/day
    🔹minimum 60g protein/day
    🔹drink at least 64oz water/day
    🔹walk 30 minutes (2 miles) 5 days/week
    🔹stretch 10 minutes/day
    🔹start resistance training 2 days/week

    I will update these once a month about this time. My appointments are in the middle of the month.

  • sargemarcori
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    still here, still reading. Still cheering you all on.
  • swimmom_1
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    Elliptical Interval (HIIT) setting first session 124 minutes for 8.14 miles, zone 3. The had to babysit for about 2 hours, then the second session Interval setting again 56 minutes for 3.75 miles, zone 3= 180 minutes, 11.89 miles.

    I have got to get back to Onederland!!!
  • pamperedlinny
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    Good morning all!

    I have a crazy week but I'm entering with a plan. Last night was my ladies bible study night. Dinner is part of that and I don't have any control over the choices. Thankfully, they had subway and the subs were cut in threes. So I had a 4 inch turkey with tomato, lettuce, red onion and red wine vinegar. Unfortunately, the only sides with that were chips and cookies. I had a bit of everything and was thankful I had eaten very light earlier through the day so that it didn't cross my boundaries to eat with everyone else.

    Tonight I have a movie night at the theater. The movie is free but the snacks are whatever you get at the snack bar. I plan to get a kids tray with a diet soda. That way I can keep my popcorn to a tiny bit instead of going nuts on a big bucket. I have zero self control if I'm holding the bucket.

    I'm also hosting my big book club at my home on Thursday and then my monthly movie night on Friday. I think I'm going to make my healthy brownie batter dip with fruit for both so that I can have a healthy option to snack on.

    Then Saturday has a big book warehouse sale and my daughter's volleyball practice. I am going to neep a nap by the end of it all for sure.
  • serenecompassion2663
    @pamperedlinny I love that you’re so social! I’m just starting to consider joining book clubs again, and our public library shows movies. Their policy is we can bring our own snacks and beverages, so that’s an option you may consider.
  • pamperedlinny
    pamperedlinny Posts: 1,574 Member
    @pamperedlinny I love that you’re so social! I’m just starting to consider joining book clubs again, and our public library shows movies. Their policy is we can bring our own snacks and beverages, so that’s an option you may consider.

    This is a one-off event. Normally I enjoy having movies at home or during the summer when some of the public parks do movie nights so I can avoid that temptation more. Our library has a movie once a month but it's geared to kids.
  • crystallynnlu
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    Hi everyone.

    I started Ozempic today.
    I’m not thrilled with giving myself a shot where I can see the needle, but I made it through.

    I met my calorie goal by the end of lunch today. It is now 5:30pm and I’m not hungry. We’ll see how this works.

    I will update you on my numbers next week when I see my dietitian.

    Andi in Illinois

    My doctor mentioned the shot to me
  • kelliward1
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    Good morning everyone....I understand the frustration of the scale this last week. Having some here...some of it is me eating what I shouldn't or forgetting to take my BP medicine and some of it is due to hormones. I think that I've started into perimenopause.

    Been working on sneaking in some extra steps when I work. It's leg week this week in martial arts class and got a good leg workout last night. This morning I did a yoga video from YouTube that focused on the hips and lower back since they were a little sore from last night. I noticed that I can sit almost in the criss cross applesauce position...this was not possible last year at all...woohoo!
  • pamperedlinny
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    @bonniemcc4 You are doing amazing!!!!
  • swimmom_1
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    Elliptical HIIT setting, 150 minutes for 9.94 miles all zone 3 & 4.
  • swimmom_1
    swimmom_1 Posts: 1,302 Member
    My name is Mary, 65 from Pennsylvania.
    Been MIA for a few months but still logging in everyday since I started MFP 5/14/21.

    Unfortunately lost my mojo and gained a lot back but not all Thank God! Need to get back on track and focused. I bought a NEW to me, gently used, Commercial PreCor EFX 835 Elliptical. It was delivered the beginning of November, as others here know I wore my previous 10+ year old one out from my extensive workouts. Back up to 150 minutes on my 3 days off per week.

    Good to see some familiar names here and glad to see some new ones too!

    Heaviest weight 255 lbs, twice. :-(
    9/14/20-255 lbs
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs
    4/6/22- 147.6 lbs (107.4 lbs lost) I did NOT have a surgery. Did Keto.
    8/1/22- 167.2 lbs
    12/1/22-198 lbs
    1/1/23- 213.4 lbs

    2/1/23- 207.4 lbs
    2/5/23- 207.8 lbs
    2/12/23- 206.4 lbs Elliptical Interval setting 150 minutes Fri, Sat & Sun for 9.89-10 miles.
    2/19/23- 201.8 lbs Elliptical Interval setting 150 minutes Fri-9.91 & Sun-10.0 miles.
    2/26/23- 202.6 lbs Elliptical HIIT setting Tue, Fri, Sat & Sun 9.94-11.89 miles 150-180 minutes.

  • pamperedlinny
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    Happy Monday!

    After my insanely busy week we're a bit more tame this week. Tonight my husband and daughter will head to the Daddy Daughter Date Night at Chick-Fil-A that they attend every year. Otherwise I don't have anything on after work on my schedule for today. Just getting the girl "date ready" after school. Looking forward to maybe just taking a long hot bath and having some quiet time.
  • sandielewis2001
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    Age: 40
    Height 5'10"
    SW Jan 7 2021: 271.1
    SW Jan 1 2023: 192.6
    GW this month: 189
    Goal for 2023: Reach Maintenance (likely 165-175)

    Thursday weigh-ins
    2/2 - 196
    2/9 - 195.4
    2/16 - 195.6
    2/23 - 196.8
    2/27 - 192.6

    Feb Change: -0.0lbs
    2023 Change: -0.0lbs
    Loss to date: -78.5lbs

    Last week was a rough one for me. Started with pain in my jaw and ear over the weekend which led to an urgent care visit on Monday. I was in so much pain I was barely functioning. Thursday the cause of the pain revealed itself to be a toothache which meant a visit to the dentist on Thursday followed by a specialist visit and root canal on Friday. After a weekend of rest and some antibiotics I am starting to feel like myself again. I have also seen the weight I gained this month drop off in a matter of days. No significant changes to eating and no workouts last week. Bodies are weird. Hoping to get back to the normal routine this week.

    @pamperedlinny - Quiet time by yourself at the house can be the best for relaxation. I hope you enjoyed pampering yourself!

    @bonniemcc4 - I love the progress pictures! You are doing fantastic!

    @kelliward1 - Great job finding ways to sneak in extra steps and getting your workouts in. I also love the NSV of being nearly able to sit criss cross applesauce! It is so exciting when those NSVs sneak in.

    @crystallynnlu - Welcome to this group. Definitely the most supportive and non-judgmental group around. I hope you continue to post here with us.

    @cyn_love - I feel your struggle. There will be some months where the weight feels like it won't come off but the most important thing is to keep moving forward.

    @sargemarcori - So glad to see you are still here! Hope all is well.

    @serenecompassion2663 - Congrats on your success so far this month!
  • sandramarshall200
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    Hello every body, February went well for me and I met my teeny tiny goal of reaching 97 kilos. I am swimming most days too, and it is making a visible difference. Goal for this month is to get below 95, and I am confident that I can. I would also like to contact a friend at least weekly, and do more social stuff, Ive become such a home bird. And maintain a healthy sleep pattern.
    my interim goal is to move my bmi from obese to overweight, and I think that’s 86 kilos. I started this time at 108, so I am halfway there. Obviously I want to get to a normal bmi, but my brain can’t think about that yet. Non scale victory is that my clothes are fitting really nicely. It s amazing to wear jeans and not get chafing. I think I have a waist!
  • bonniemcc4
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    SW: 288.8
    CW: 225.4

    1/30- 225.4
    2/6- 227.8 (+ 2.4)
    2/13- 223.2 (-4.6)
    2/20- 220.6 (-2.6)
    2/27- 219.6 (-1)
    Total for February= -5.8

    Goals for February:
    📸 take one year progress pictures
    ⬇️ lose 2-3 pounds
    💪 do PT exercises 3 times a week
    📚 read 3+ books
    📖 keep up with daily Bible reading

    I met all my goals this month, except for one week of not doing PT exercises, and I’m feeling good about that.
  • pamperedlinny
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    @sandielewis2001 I'm sorry all that happened. I hope you have a less painful March.

    @sandramarshall200 I love you NSV.

    @bonniemcc4 You are a rock star.
  • pamperedlinny
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    Last night my husband and daughter went off to the Daddy Daughter Date Night hosted by Chick-Fil-A every year. This is the 4th, I think, year they have gone. It's such a great little tradition. While they were gone I was able to climb in bed with my book and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Ahhhh.

    This morning my newest recipe went up on the blog. I was pretty proud of this one. My picky eater husband ate seconds and leftovers so that has to be the best kind of feedback. https://www.healthyeatingwithlinda.com/post/farro-stuffed-tomatoes

    Tonight I'm going to my Zumba class, cleaning up in the locker room, and then heading to meet some friends for trivia night at a local tea shop. I'm ready for a nice pot of hot tea, maybe a little piece of cake, and some time with friends.... even if we aren't likely to win.