Looking for 45+ year old female Wegovy accountability partners

SurlyK Posts: 1 Member
Hi! I am looking for accountability partners/friends, 45+ years old, who are also taking Wegovy. I started on Wegovy 6 weeks ago and am also following an exercise and nutrition plan with the help of my GP.
Height: 166cm/5"5
SW: 94 kg/207lbs
CW: 89 kg/196 lbs
GW: 68kg/ 150 lbs.

Please feel free to friend me.


  • jerps_girl
    jerps_girl Posts: 5 Member
    Hi - started 3 weeks ago on the .50 dose. Will take the 4th dose of .50 tonight. Next week, I'm suppose to go up in dosage. I
    Height 5'6"
    SW 272
    CW 268
    GW 250 - for now - small goals
  • jerps_girl
    jerps_girl Posts: 5 Member
    So, I dropped the ball and didn't log into this app for a week. No food tracking at all. Had a "me" week I suppose. Didn't care about much. I just logged in and updated my food diary for the last three days of what I could remember. I took my 4th dose, refilled my rx, only to delay by 2 days due to script written incorrectly and needed it updated. Got my 5th dose (same dose .50) last Thursday only to inject and not hold it tight enough and watch the majority of it run down my leg UGH!!!! so, tomorrow, I'll inject #6. My doctor opted to keep me on .50 for two cycles, then we will go up to the next dose. I have a lot of stomach pain and it is easier to go slowly than be in constant misery with that pain. Hope everyone has a great week! Happy Hump Day.
  • bward664
    bward664 Posts: 2 Member
    I started February 15 with 1st dose no side effects I am tracking all food feeling good.
    Height 5’7”
    SW 234 before Wegovy
    SW with Wegovy 180
    CW 174
    GW 145
  • thielmeier
    thielmeier Posts: 1 Member
    Just started. 1st dose last Wednesday. I will do 2nd injection tomorrow and weigh.
  • JCFan3
    JCFan3 Posts: 144 Member
    Hi, I am type 2 diabetic. My doctor just prescribed ozempic( same maker of wegovy)to aid in lowering blood sugar and weight loss. I am getting ready to inject first dose today. I’m a little concerned about it but don’t really know why I’m hesitant. I hear good things.
    My Height is 5’4
    SW 210
    GW 140
    Would love to hear what all you have found to be successful.
  • sarahneverquits
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    I’m in my 4th month and using Wegovy at the 1.7 dose. I feel great. I’m amazed at how different I feel - I get hungry, I eat, I move on. I’m not hangry and I don’t feel compulsive about food. My side effects are pretty minimal but my weight loss is super slow. That’s fine with me - I am trying to do this right and slow is sustainable. I started at 299 and have lost just under 20 pounds.

    I did discover that large amounts of sugar and fat at one time can upset my GI so I don’t do that anymore. Otherwise no nausea, none of the other side effects.
  • jerps_girl
    jerps_girl Posts: 5 Member
    I'm finding that I have no appetite and can't find anything to eat that is satisfying. I am also very uncomfortable from the bloating. I'm only on the .50 dosage. I am considering stopping it. I'm discussing with my doctor this week. I don't like how crampy I feel. I'm a bariatric patient and had the sleeve procedure 13 yrs ago. I am not sure if that makes the cramping and bloating worse but it just doesn't make me feel good. I really wanted this to work.
  • Myway101
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    Age 53 yr old used MFP and strict exercise and healthy eating plan 10 yrs ago with much success. Gained most of it back is much harder this time around. Started semaglutide (ozempic) 1.5 wk ago, brain fog day 1 since then no side effects on beginning dose 0,25mg. I have No cravings, feel fuller before finishing meal. Need motivation and success stories!!
    Ht 5'3'
    SW 186
    CW 184.8
    GW 140
  • cherilee0831
    cherilee0831 Posts: 44 Member
    I am 56 years old and started Wegovy in February and will take my 3rd dose of the 1.0 tonight. This does has not done much for me like the .5 did. However, I am 16 lbs down. Would love to have accountability partners!
    SW: 253
    CW: 237
    GW: 150
  • kelleyjesse
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    I started Jan 10th and on my second month of 1mg. This seemed to be the dose that was working better than the others. I fell off the wagon of tracking and need to back with it. When I was tracking the weight was just coming off and now slow ever since I stopped... I will lose and not gain but super super slowly... Like 2 lbs every 2 to 3 weeks. I would love a partner or just to keep up this chat with all our stats each week and what did differently each week to help with our success.

    SW: 250
    CW: 228
    GW: just want to get under 200 and then go from there....
  • Gngr09
    Gngr09 Posts: 743 Member
    Hi, I am 53 years old and would love to keep up with some Wegovy friends.
    I started my first dose of .25 this Sunday 4/16. I experienced some nausea but absolutely no food noise. It took me a few weeks to begin for fear of the side effects I was hearing about. so I am hoping the side effects remain minimal.

    SW: 212.7
    CW: will weigh on 4/23
    GW: 170

    Has anyone experienced a weight loss counting their calories with only a small amount of exercise?
  • Melwillbehealthy
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    I am on oh ozempic .5 mg I have been on it for six weeks. I have lost about 13 pounds without exercising I do count calories otherwise I can overeat in fact, I have been tempted to binge I do find that ozempic has helped curb my appetite, but I still have a very healthy appetite, I am type two diabetic. I am trying to learn healthy, eating habits as I don’t want to be taking ozempic for a long time I just want to lower my blood sugar. I’m really glad that one of the side effects is as an appetite suppressant as I have a lot of weight to lose. I’m sure if I exercised I would lose a lot faster.
  • lbrice1701
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    Hi, I'm a little late to this, but did 6 months of the medication and lost over 45 pounds. One of the requirements from my doctor was to log on this app. My doctor gave me the doses in her office and started at a very low dose and gradually increased it as needed. Now I am off of and trying to maintain my weight. I exercise regularly and have gained a few pounds by my Inbody assessment said it was all muscle! My fat percentages actually decreased. But, the maintenence is the hardest part for me. I need more support and could use more friends. Thanks!
  • socalilover
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    Hi! I am 51 years old and starting at .25 TONIGHT! Scared nervous but excited too! SW 195 GW 150. Feel free to add me as a friend as I need accountability. I haven't used MFP for a few years so getting back on the bandwagon!
  • Gngr09
    Gngr09 Posts: 743 Member
    Yesterday was my 1st week weight in and 2nd .25 shot.
    I watched my calories but ZERO exercise. I was very skeptical but hopeful. To much my surprise - I lost 4.7 lbs!!!!! I am definitely excited about that.

    SW 212.7
    CW 208
    GW 170'ish

  • kellykel34
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    I start Wegovy next week. I’ve been on the compounded version for 3 weeks. Just took my 4th dose today. I’m 53. 5’3.
    SW 207.7
    CW 200.2
    GW 165
  • kath_mom
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    Just started today. I’m 46, about to be 47 and starting at 212. I’m 5’5” and ready for it to get started. I was already tracking here and taking Plenity via Ro but my prescription was not renewed, hence why I asked about injectables during my last well visit with my primary. I’m excited about this medication!