Maintenance friends

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Hello, I'm looking for friends that are in maintenance or trying to be. I'm coming back from a little workout hiatus and do well when I have some mutual encouragement to get my workout goals in. I'm at the upper end of where I'm comfortable with weighing. If I lose a few more pounds I'm ok with that but I'm trying not to gain any. I don't really track my food but occasionally will for a few days just to gage where I'm at. I've been able to maintain my weight this way for a while. I do want to get back into a regular routine of resistance training and do some body recomposition. I think I need to have a group of accountability buddies for daily check ins. IRL I don't know anyone that has similar goals so I'm looking here. Please let me know if you're interested in being mfps so we can encourage each other. I'm a 39 year old working mother to 3 school aged kids, so other moms out there let's be mfps!