Female Weight Gaining and Hair Growth Journey!

Hello Everyone :)
I have been on a weight gain journey since 2020, but fell off the ladder a few times and am only just getting back into it! I know its harder to find weight gain journeys, so feel free to say hi!My focus is lower body muscular growth but quite a bit more healthy fat overall as well, to feel more feminine and bring out my curves! I'm naturally pear shaped and skinny up top so I work out my upper half too to balance the lower and build my skinny chest! I started at 57 kg, I'm now 60.2, and my goal is 65kg. I've never been happier with my body now after the weight gain, but it gets harder to keep the cellulite off, especially as I now approach 34!! which is why I'm now really focusing on building my lower body muscles, hips, glutes and legs, to firm up and tighten my legs through the weight gain. While I'm at it, I'm also working on improving the length of my hair and condition of my hair and skin, by making sure my protien/fat/water intake is adequate and with the use of supplements and oils. Please feel free to comment here to share tips, tricks, advice, or just for some emotional support or to share good news about your progress!
Big love, Daisy


  • Mattldelaney
    Mattldelaney Posts: 3 Member
    Not easy to get back on track after falling off the ladder. Congrats on getting things moving in the right direction again 👏🏼
  • 0atmeel
    0atmeel Posts: 168 Member
    Hi! You can do this Daisy!
  • KayReed2
    KayReed2 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi im trying to gain weight to, but im also trying to lower my cholesterol and i also have hair thining since covid, so any advice would be appreciated thank you