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I am looking for a group for some accountability. I’m looking to lose 10-15lbs and am just getting restarted on this journey.


  • VaniyH
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    Hi Molly, im in need of accountability partner/partners also....I have an overall goal of 40 to 50lbs in the next 6 months (eep)....but I have to start maybe we can try to keep each other accountable and achieve both our goals
  • fafaaaaaaaaa
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    hi guys!! i also need to be kept accountable!!!
  • rachelpetra89
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    Hey, can I join in? I'm 5 ft 3, female, 34. I have a hernia and need to lose weight to either heal it or at least make surgery easier. (I needed to lose weight anyway but this has been the push I needed - silver linings, right?)

    Started at 72kg end of April, 65kg now and just (hopefully) broke through a plateau. I need to discuss with my Dr how much more is advisable to lose. I have a goal just to get to 64kg and my trainer thinks I shouldn't go further than 60kg so I'll see what my dr says when I go back in a couple of weeks.

    Hernia seems to be going well though....fingers crossed. :)

    Edit: Can anyone tell me how to do the tag thingy properly please? :D
    1-5kg to lose
  • nhenryoliver
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    Hi all, I’d like to be added for accountability please! I’ve 10lbs to lose but would like to lose 15 really to be comfortable in my wardrobe again. Currently I’m working on logging routinely and increasing my activity. Next step will be staying under target most days.
  • clairenoonan98
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    Me too! I have a goal of losing 17kg/37lbs! Id love to join people for supporting one another, and sharing motivation! :)
  • jugar
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    If any of you would like to try a team approach, check out the Fat 2 Fit group. This group is set up to give you great support and help you with accountability - people on the teams become friends, help answer questions, get into lively discussions, and are there through the hard parts, the successes, and to send along encouragement (and tough love!) when needed.

    The sign-up thread is here:

    You can look at the team chat threads, the general group challenges, and resources here:

    Be sure to go back to the sign-up thread if you want to join!