Hello everyone I have used the app on and off for several years need to loose at least 50 pounds. Currently at my highest weight ever, I am 60, need some motivating friends


  • misterkeg
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    Just started back up myself. Worked out on and off for years at a local gym. Stopped after the COVID deal. Went up to 250, a 30 lb weight gain, after two years of drinking, eating and no exercise. Got the MFP app in November of 2022, and lost 35 lbs. Felt great, looked good. Then lost focus, workouts slowed from 3-4 times a week to once a week if that. Drinking picked up again, and bad food choices along the way. Picked up 20 of the 35 I lost. So, got the premium MFP app AGAIN. Looking to lose 40 lbs. I don’t know why, it just seems harder this time around. At 63, harder to stay focused when everything just tastes sooo good! 😂😂 Well, never did this community board either, so here’s to another go around.
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    I feel the pain of starting over I'm 58 yrs old and live in New Mexico and I'm up for an accountability partner.
  • AnnPT77
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    Hello, and welcome - I'm chiming in not because I'm a good MFP friend candidate (sub-par on that front, sadly), but because you're about where I was when I started. I was age 59, with about 50 pounds to lose, near but not at my highest weight, in the class 1 obese range.

    With a good plan (sustainable, not extreme), commitment, and patience, this can work, and MFP can be a great help IME - both the app and the Community here. I learned really a lot from the Community during about one year of loss, and the 7+ years since of maintaining a healthy weight (now 67). Finding relatively easy, relatively happy new habits - habits that can continue almost on autopilot long term - is key IMO. Exactly what that set of habits is is going to differ for everyone, because we all have our unique strengths, preferences, and challenges.

    I'm cheering for all of you to succeed - it's for sure worth it, in improved quality of life!