Why is nothing working?

Hello everyone!

I have been trying for the last couple months to regain my confidence and lose 30 pounds. I am at 146.2 and I dream of getting to 116. I have started using MyFitnessPal to count calories, eating 4 meals a day and cutting out sugary drinks/sweets. It has taken me so long to lose 3 pounds even when I exercise every day every week. Don't get me wrong I like seeing the progress of being down from 154 (I lost 8 pounds) but Im still trying to go towards my goal. It seems like every time I get my hopes up and lose weight I gain it all back. I have started to see abs which I'm happy about but it seems like nothing is working. If any of you guys can help with how you lost weight and kept it off let me know! #motivational #weight loss #30 pounds


  • westrich20940
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    1. You've lost 8lbs in 'a couple months'? And you are 'starting to see abs'.....so I'm not sure why you think what you're doing isn't working.
    2. Is your goal weight of 116 actually appropriate for you?
  • yirara
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    How tall are you? I also question whether you have 30lbs to lose. Mind you, I did have abs when I was slightly overweight simply because my bodyfat distribution is odd. Thus who knows. Can you give us some more info?
  • tomcustombuilder
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    Regain is usually reverting back to old eating habits to some extent, usually without realizing it. It can also be too much exercising lowering NEAT burn. NEAT is a much bigger factor in calorie burning than exercising. Plus, the amount and type of training can increase appetite. Yours is not an uncommon situation.
  • carolinepowell885
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    Not sure what your height is but if you can see abs you are doing well! You are making great progress with the weight loss at what averages to 1lb/week. Remember you are building muscle so you might not see a difference in the scale but you will in terms of measurements and overall health. Perhaps measure yourself at the start of June and remeasure at the end. Compare the measurements along with your weight and see what changes have occurred.
  • podperson1
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    I mean, if you're losing weight and seeing abs it doesn't sound like 'nothing is working'. 116 is pretty low, how tall are you? Also, if you're working out every day then you could be building muscle, which will make the weight loss seem lower but be reducing the fat percentage.

    Maybe concentrate on some non-scale goals for now - eg fitting into clothes better, going down a size, being more toned, having more energy - and these might help with your confidence.
  • AnnPT77
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    For perspective on the possibility of muscle mass gain: A quite good rate of muscle mass gain, under ideal circumstances, would be 1-2 pounds of new muscle mass per month.

    Ideal circumstances include relative youth, relatively male hormone profile, a good progressive strength program faithfully performed, good overall nutrition including but not limited to adequate protein, good genetics, and a calorie surplus. It's not that no one can gain muscle mass without all of those factors being perfect, but it would likely happen at an even slower rate than the 1-2 pounds per month.

    It's very unusual for any realistic rate of muscle mass gain to outpace and thus mask any reasonably satisfying rate of fat loss.

    I wish it were otherwise, sincerely.
  • olwamlimyolibooysen
    I think it's because u may hve a hard time losing weight (like me)or fat but if u see muscle ur doing pretty good also this happens to another of ppl when they're exercising alot they tend to gain weight or just simply nothing happens 🤷‍♀️but eventually something will happen