Exercising down memory lane

I recently found my old Richard Simmons aerobics DVD's. In the 90's, the VHS versions of these helped me lose 150 pounds and also helped me get my fitness level up to where I felt confident enough to join a gym, start jogging and go long distance bike riding.

It was fun to do some and find that I still remember all of the moves. I don't remember my joints creaking as much when I was 24 but I can overlook that.

I would guess a lot of us have rediscovered some fun activity from the past that we can still use today.


  • AnnPT77
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    I did the Richard Simmons videos for quite a while, too, when I was first getting active after cancer treatment. I'd started on a breast cancer survivor's rowing team, but was woefully out of shape, and the team only met once a week. Sometimes I could do rowing machine workouts with a buddy maybe one other time a week-ish, but I started doing the Simmons videos in between to try to improve my cardiovascular fitness. I really needed the low impact because of obesity and bad knees (bad combo), so they were pretty perfect.

    Eventually, I got my own rowing machine, joined the local rowing club, started taking spin classes at the Y, riding my bike, and more. Somewhere in there, I reached a point where I couldn't get my heart rate up meaningfully with the videos, and my knees got worse and didn't like twisting motions either. (I stayed obese for a decade plus despite being quite active.)

    I still think of them fondly.

    I can't really think of any fun activity from the past I can still use today, unless we count the way I tend to drop and resume good-for-me things like regular practice of yoga/stretching and strength training. 😬
  • DancingMoosie
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    I have many DVDs and they come in handy when the internet goes out. I did a turbojam this morning.