Hit my first goal weight !!!!!!! Very happy !!

Reach my first goal weight of 70kg down from 75.5 kg so very happy today !!!! Its been a slow process but I keep forgetting a huge part of my plan is muscle building so my weight moves a little slower down the scale. I need a good treat for this weekend I think I earned it !!!!!! I also finish my last assessment tomorrow so I'll be a fully qualified engineer in my field! What treats do you suggest?????


  • peachesplease
    peachesplease Posts: 14 Member
    Good job! And wow on your qualification, what an accomplishment. For me, treats are anything I would normally feel guilty buying - anything on my Etsy favorites, a nice plant, jewelry ... etc. When I dont really "need" anything, then the guilt - so that makes a great treat!

    Come to think of it, I think I will make myself a little list of treats to help me keep motivated when I reach some interim goals.

    Awesome work - both of your accomplishments take quite some commitment and work, I am very impressed!

  • pony4us
    pony4us Posts: 127 Member
    A spa day!!! Or a new haircut, something to pamper yourself.
  • GinLee61
    GinLee61 Posts: 1,193 Member
    Congratulations! I second the spa day idea as a special reward. You deserve some pampering.
  • roxieillustration
    roxieillustration Posts: 5 Member
    pony4us wrote: »
    A spa day!!! Or a new haircut, something to pamper yourself.

    Yes I booked my self for a 60 minute Thai massage ! I hit the gym mega hard this week and need a good deep tissue massage !!!
  • dedeliebl
    dedeliebl Posts: 9 Member
    Wonderful job! I love to treat myself to a new outfit, show off that progress! :)
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