Post 40 bloat

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Any suggestions on reducing the post 40 bloating and love handles?!


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    I was hoping for responses to your great question.
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    What do you mean by "post 40 bloat"? Weight gain? More fat appearance at same weight? Constipation? Water retention? Something else?

    Context: I'm way post 40 (now 67). I've experienced most of the things I mentioned above at various points. The solutions to any of them are different. I have no idea how to give suggestions for "post 40 bloat" without more specifics. I'd help if I could. Can you clarify what you're seeing?

    One comment: One week is too short a time to be sure of seeing results, even if on the right regimen. Give any new regimen 4-6 weeks to produce reasonable average results. (If female, go at least one full menstrual cycle, to compare body weight at the same relative point in at least 2 different cycles.) At that point, you might get some more insight. One week isn't enough.
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    Eat fewer carbs, more whole foods, less processed foods. Walk. Take a probiotic. Reduce stress / cortisol.
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    My mother is 86 and struggles to stay above Underweight because she is so active and doesn't eat a lot of calorie dense food. She basically eats the Mediterranean Diet (lot of carbs, from whole foods.)
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    Hi, im 41yrs old and what i found worked for me in my goal was keeping calories in deficit, taking daily walks (although a busy lifestyle makes this difficult at the best of times - do what you can, when you can) and training regularly. Its taken me alot longer but my body has reacted very well and ive lost nearly 16kgs. I did alot of trial and error to see what worked.