75-Hard is HARD

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My name is Kelsey, I am 26 years old and doing my second attempt at the infamous 75 Hard challenge. I am currently on day 23 and lately I have been forcing myself to move but still getting it done. What are some ways to seek extra motivation when the challenge begins to feel exhausting? I have a dog so my second workout is always a 45 minute walk with him when I get home from working. I lift in the mornings before I go to work really early unless I wake up late or am too sore in that case I do two 45 minute walks in the day. I have already lost 12 pounds and feeling amazingly better with the difference already but I am exhausted.


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    Unless you currently weigh well over 400 pounds, losing 12 pounds in 23 days is way too fast loss.

    Do that - a huge physical stress not to mention increased health risk - and dramatically increase exercise at the same time - of course you're exhausted. You're overstressed, underfueled, and undernourished.

    IMU, 75 hard says you need to consistently follow some kind of structured diet. I don't think it needs to be a punitively extreme one.

    The exhaustion is a danger sign. Slow the bus down. Eat more food, get adequate fuel and nutrition.
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    Are you using an app to track your progress? I use the free Hard75 app to help stay on track (currently on day 34). I also walk/job with my dog for that second workout. She's starting to get really used to it so if I go outside without her she just doesn't understand haha. Sometimes I don't feel like walking and instead I do my outdoor lifting workout in the garage (that counts). 12lbs is a lot so what diet are you following? I'm tracking my weight, but I feel like I'm losing more inches than weight - maybe 2lbs in total but all I'm doing is tracking my macros/calories through MFP and not having binge days. There are some days I'm super exhausted (had 2 concerts, a soccer game and music practice every day last week) when I get to bed at midnight and have to be up at 6am for a workout before work. On those days, I just walk or do yoga/stretch. What keeps me motivated is that I told people and honestly, I'm enjoying how flat my tummy is getting from the lack of alcohol. 41 more days for me and I am just pushing through!